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Vintage Anti Drug, Marijuana & Reefer Madness Film Library

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This classic 2 DVD set contains a variety of anti-drug films that were made to show America's youth the dangers of using drugs. In some ways the films are quite explicit in their showing of drug preparation and use. In other ways, they are quite simplistic in their teachings - reflecting the simpler times and more clear cut moral values of the time.

Here are all the films that make up this historical collection:

Contents of DVD 1

Subject: Narcotics (1951)

This police oritentation film shows drug addiction as both a crime and a social problem. It shows dramatized scenes of addicts getting their fix and how they can cause irreprable damage to inner city neighborhoods.

Producer: Sanders (Dennis and Terry)
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 21:01

Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb (1969)

This film explores the damage that drugs can cause young people and shows that drugs are not a way to bring about change to make the world better.

Producer: Film Distributors International
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 18:28

Drug Addiction (1951)

Explore the tale of good boy Marty as he experiments with drugs - first with more mild drugs like marijuana and then with stronger drugs like heroin. Follow his descent into darkness and despair as his life becomes destroyed and he gets jailed. But all is not lost because the system does work in the end as he is rehabbed, reformed and broken of this evil addiction.

Producer: Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc.
Audio/Visual: Sound, Black & White
Run time: 21:02

Terrible Truth, The (1951)

This classic earlu 50's drug film follows a teen girls addiction to stronger and stronger drugs, starting with marijuana and ending up with heroin. It also shows how she gets a criminal record due to the efforts she needed to take to get money to buy drugs. The film is a very powerful example of what happens when good girls go bad.

Producer: Sid Davis Productions
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 10:03

Narcotics: Pit of Despair (1967)

This film tells the all too often seen story of a boy from a good home getting on the road to destruction one step at a time by starting to use drugs recreationally until the demon on his back become too strong and eventually destroyed his life.

Producer: Marshall (Mel)
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 28:35

Social Seminar: Changing (1971)

This film follows a young family and its attempts to adjust to a world that is rapidly changing its social mores. It examines lifestyle and drugs against this backdrop of seemingly rapid change in what was always viewed as traditional values.

Producer: University of California, Los Angeles, Extension Media Center
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 27:49

Social Seminar: Bunny (1971)

This film follows the life of a college student who is an occasional social marijuana user. It explores her views of her life, drugs and their effect on her life and future.

Producer: University of California, Los Angeles, Extension Media Center
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 16:00

Contents of DVD 2

Reefer Madness (1938)

Reefer Madness tells the story of the huge dangers of marijuana. The tale centers around Mae and Jack, marijuana distributors, who lure the local high school kids to stop by Mae's apartment to smoke pot. It then shows how the lives of all who participated in smoking marijuana are totally destroyed. It even gives the outrageously extreme example of one youngster who becomes so addicted to marijuana that a judge orders him to be committed for life to a mental hospital!

Director: Louis J. Gasnier
Producer: George A. Hirliman

Producer: G and H Production.
Audio/Visual: sound, Black & White
Run time: 1:08:17

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Price: $19.97     SKU: A9-A10     Qty: