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The History of Beer on DVD

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Beer, love it hate it, is one of the most popular adult beverages the world over. This collection of beer films will take you behind the scenes to show you how beer war made and marketed by the large breweries in the mid 20-th century. For a counterpoint, we have also included a few "warning" films about the dangers of drinking beer. This collection is sure to be a pleasure for anyone who enjoys tossing back a cold one once in a while - and will bring grins to your face as you go down memory lane of trying to buy beer when you were underage. So sit back and enjoy this delightful history of BEER.

Here are the contents of each of the films in the beer film collection:

Labatts Beer Commercial

Toss back a cool Labatts and enjoy life as you watch this Labatts beer commercial

For Good Living (Brown Derby Beer Promo) (1937)

This is a sales prmotional film for Brown Derby beer. It takes you through the entire brewing process and explains why beer is good for you. This film is silent but has plenty of cue cards to help you understand the adventure of beer every step of the way along its creation.

Producer: Unknown
Audio/Visual: Silent, B&W
Run time: 18:56

Help Yourself (1939)

A film designed to teach sales managers and distributors to sell more Pabst beer. The film is an excellent examination of how a complex and comprehensive advertising campaign was put together in 1939 as well as a great education into the inner workings of a large beer company.

Production Company: Castle Films
Audio/Visual: sound, B&W
Run time: 17:29

As We Like It (1952)

This is a promotional film about beer, showing how beer has been with us for centuries and how beer is actually beneficial to society as both a beverage and as a source of revenue, taxes and jobs for many people. It also includes great scenes of old time pubs where you could go to enjoy your favorite beer on tap. All in all, this is a great testament to the glory of BEER.

Production Company: Handy (Jam) Organization
Audio/Visual: sound, color

The Bottle and the Throttle

This is a classic Sid Davis scare film showing teenagers drinking and driving and hitting a family while drunk. It deals with the issues of drinking while driving and the lifelong consequences this poor decision can have on a teenager's life.

Audio/Visual: sound, color
Run time: 0:10:21

A Case for Beer

A film targeted at convenience store owners of the perils of selling beer to underage drinkers.

Audio/Visual: sound, color
Run time: 10:01

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A157    Qty: