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More Classic Television Commercials of the 1940s- 1960s Film Library DVD

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This DVD collection contains approximately one and a half hours of television commercial classics offering a wide variety of products in several product categories including alcohol, bread, cigarettes, coffee, foods, household items, toothpaste and childrens toys. For older audiences, this DVD will spark many fond memories of products that could be enjoyed in your youth (many of which are no longer made) and for younger audiences, this collection makes a fascinating contrast against the super-slick modern television commercials. All in all, a fascinating look at vintage commercials.

Here are all the products that that are highlighted in each section of this historical collection:


  • Alexis Lichine Wine Commercial
  • Labatts Beer Commercial


  • Fischers Bread Commercial
  • 8 Sumbeam Bread Commercials
  • Wonder Bread Commercial


  • 2 Lucky Strike Commericals
  • Montclair Commercial
  • 9 Newport Commercials


  • 16 Folgers Commercials
  • Nonesuch Coffee Commercial
  • Sanka Commercial
  • Sweeta Sweetener Commercial


  • Beech-Nut Baby Food Commercial
  • Cheerios Commercial
  • Kellogs Breakfast Pals Cereal Commercial
  • Gold Medal Flour Commercial
  • Kellogs Variety Pack Commercial
  • Lucky Margerine
  • Pillsbury Cake Commercial
  • Post Grape Nuts Commercial


  • 4 Crest Commercials
  • 3 Dentu-Creme Commercials
  • 2 Macleans Toothpaste Commercials
  • 2 Micrin Mouthwash Commercials


  • 409 Bathroom Cleaner Commercial
  • Abolene Cream Commercial
  • Baggies Food Wraps Commercial
  • 2 Bounty Paper Towels Commercials
  • GE Blender Commercial
  • Genteel Baby Bath Commercial
  • Ivory Soap Commercial
  • Johnsons Shampoo Commercial
  • Joy Dishwashing Liquid Commercial
  • Klear Floor Wax Commercial
  • Mennen Baby Magic Commercial
  • 3 Ozon Hair Spray Commercials
  • Pledge Commercial
  • Ponds Skin Cream Commercial
  • Rinse Away Commercial
  • Scotties Tissues Commercial
  • 2 Tide Commercials
  • 3 Tupperware Commercials


  • Aurora Drag Race Set Commercial
  • Gilbert Slot Racers Commercial
  • Ideal Thunderstreak Commercial
  • 3 Ideal Dolls Commercials
  • Loop a Lot Commercial
  • Monkey's Uncle Commercial
  • Parket Brother's Funny Bone Commercial
  • Party Magic Commercial
  • Penneys Toy Commercial


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Price: $14.97     SKU: A147     Qty: