The Historical Archive
"Preserving History Digitally"

The Historical Archive is dedicated to creating a large, robust library of DVD and CD based products covering a wide range of significant and interesting historical events and cultural moments through film, photos, audios, maps and other documents. This growing collection of DVDs and CDs covers the full range of significant events that have shaped our culture, entertainment values and history.

We believe in pricing our unique products very cost competitively to be affordable to a wide variety of customers. For no more than the cost of a DVD at your local store, you can own a very significant and interesting piece of history that can be utilized for its educational experience or for its entertainment value (as many of the film collections can be quite amusing when viewed from our more modern mores.) Our competitive pricing allows products to be bought by students, educators, parents, libraries and others in a very cost effective manner.

All our products are professionally produced and each product - whether it be a DVD or a CD - is packed in a DVD sized case for easy storage in your home or office. By using this storage case, you are presented with a very legible title on the spine of the product to make it easy for you to retrieve it from a shelf or other storage area. This is just one more example of the extra mile we go for our customers.

In 2007, we changed our corporate name from The Historical Archive Corp to THA New Media LLC.