Interesting 1952 Chevrolet Accessories


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Chevrolet has always been innovative in the accessories for their cars - trying to achieve a mix of safety, convenience and luxury. The 1952 Chevrolet model was no exception. Here are a few of the interesting accessories that were available that model year.

  • Rayon seat covers - in red, blue or green with patterned designs.
  • A Custom DE Luxe radio with push button tuning - a 6 tube radio utilizing dual purpose tubes to offer 8 tube performance. Also included were five push buttons for automatic tuning, a big 6" x 9" speaker and an automatic volume control.
  • All weather venitshades to let you partially lower your car window in any type of weather.
  • An electric vanity visor mirror with light up technology for the woman at night.
  • A tissue dispenser capable of holding up to 100 tissues. It attached just below the instrument panel for easy access.
  • A Five-Contour electric shaver that plugs into the car battery via the cigarette lighter or with 110 volt household current.
  • A traffic light viewer - an contraption that attached to the top of the Chevy instrument panel and let you see the traffic light if you were too close to see it clearly.
  • Direction signals - to let other drivers know which direction you wished to turn.

There were many other innovative accessories available to customize the comfort and safety of your 1952 Chevrolet. Interestingly, many of the devices that were optional back then - like direction signals - are now standard in all automobiles and some - like the traffic light viewer - no longer exist.