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The railroad opened America up to its first great expansion of its commerical potential. This collection of DVDs and CDs explores the early days of railroad in both film and maps of the various railroad lines and their consolidations.
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The Street Railway Review
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The Street Railway Review - later The Electric Railway Review was a publication devoted to street cars and inner city transportation systems. This collection spans the years 1891 to 1906 and includes 16 volumes. Articles and images cover the entire range of relevant issues to street cars - construction, new technologies, street car design, electrical systems to move them, fascinating turn of the century ads and much more.

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Union Pacific Railroad Historic Book Collection on CD
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The Union Pacific Railroad book collection is a collection of 18 late 19th century and early 20th century books concerning the Union Pacific Railroad. Many relate to the of the railroad or specific events in its growth. Many others are travel oriented publications produced by the railroad to attract customers. Several of the books have wonderful period illustrations and the collection makes an excellent reference collection for the historic rail enthusiast.

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Page 4 Displaying 61 - 62 of 62 Products:
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