Australia and Australian Aboriginal Folklore and Religions Books On CD

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This CD contains 14 Rare and Fascinating historic books detailing Aboriginal Australian Religions and Mythologies.

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This CD contains 14 Rare and Fascinating historic books detailing Aboriginal Australian Religions and Mythologies.

Below is a breakdown of the books and their contents by region. The book titles are bolded and the contents are in the bullet points below each book. All books are complete - including any illustrations that were in the original hardcopy books. In many cases, we list the chapters in the books but we also list many books just by title and publication date in an effort to keep the ad a reasonable size. If you have a question about the contents of any book, please ask us.

All books are supplied in PDF format and are fully searchable.

Oceanic Mythology by Roland B. Dixon. [1916] This epic book contains an excellent overview of Australian as well as many other Pacific cultures.

  • Part I: Polynesia
    • Chapter I: Myths of Origins and the Deluge
    • Chapter II: The Maui Cycle
    • Chapter III: Miscellaneous Tales
    • Chapter IV: Summary
  • Part II: Melanesia
    • Chapter I: Myths of Origins and the Deluge
    • Chapter II: Culture Hero Tales
    • Chapter III: Miscellaneous Tales
    • Chapter IV: Summary
  • Part III: Indonesia
    • Chapter I: Myths of Origins and the Deluge
    • Chapter II: Trickster Tales
    • Chapter III: Miscellaneous Tales
    • Chapter IV: Summary
  • Part IV Micronesia
    • Chapter I: Myths of Origins and the Deluge
    • Chapter II: Miscellaneous Tales
    • Chapter III: Summary
  • Part V: Australia
    • Chapter I: Myths of Origins and the Deluge
    • Chapter II: Animal and Miscellaneous Tales
    • Chapter III: Summary

Native Tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia by Baldwin Spencer. [1914]

  • Chapter I: Introduction
  • Chapter II: Social Organisation and Marriage Regulations
  • Chapter III: Initiation Ceremonies
  • Chapter IV: Totemic Systems and Totem Groups
  • Chapter V: Sacred Sticks, Bull-Roarers, and Ceremonial Objects
  • Chapter VI: Burial and Mourning Ceremonies
  • Chapter VII: Magic and Medicine
  • Chapter VIII: Beliefs in Regard to the Origin of Children
  • Chapter IX: Traditions Concerning Imberombera, The Great Ancestor, And Also Other Ancestors Of The Kakadu Nation
  • Chapter X: Various Traditions, Customs and Beliefs
  • Chapter XI: Food Restrictions
  • Chapter XII: Weapons and Implements
  • Chapter XIII: Clothing and Ornament
  • Chapter XIV: Decorative Art

Australian Legendary Tales collected by K. Langloh Parker, Introduction by Andrew Lang. [1897]

  • Dinewan the Emu, and Goomblegubbon the Bustard
  • The Galah, and Oolah the Lizard
  • Bahloo the Moon and the Daens
  • The Origin of the Narran Lake
  • Gooloo the Magpie, and the Wahroogah
  • The Weeoonibeens and the Piggiebillah
  • Bootoolgah the Crane and Goonur the Kangaroo Rat, the Fire Makers
  • Weedah the Mocking Bird
  • The Gwineeboos the Redbreasts
  • Meamei the Seven Sisters
  • The Cookooburrahs and the Goolahgool
  • The Mayamah
  • The Bunbundoolooeys
  • Oongnairwah and Guinarey
  • Narahdarn the Bat
  • Mullyangah the Morning Star
  • Goomblegubbon, Beeargah, and Ouyan
  • Mooregoo the Mopoke, and Bahloo the Moon
  • Ouyan the Curlew
  • Dinewan the Emu, and Wahn the Crows
  • Goolahwilleel the Topknot Pigeons
  • Goonur, the Woman-Doctor
  • Deereeree the Wagtail, and the Rainbow
  • Mooregoo the Mopoke, and Mooninguggahgul the Mosquito Bird
  • Bougoodoogahdah the Rain Bird
  • The Borah of Byamee
  • Bunnyyarl the Flies and Wurrunnunnah the Bees
  • Deegeenboyah the Soldier-bird
  • Mayrah, the Wind that Blows the Winter Away
  • Wayarnbeh the Turtle
  • Wirreenun the Rainmaker

The Euahlayi Tribe by K. Langloh Parker. Introduction by Andrew Lang. [1905]

  • Chapter I. Introductory
  • Chapter II. The All Father, Byamee
  • Chapter III. Relationships And Totems
  • Chapter IV. The Medicine Men
  • Chapter V. More About the Medicine Men and Leechcraft
  • Chapter VI. Our Witch Woman
  • Chapter VII. Birth--Betrothal--An Aboriginal Girl From Infancy To Womanhood
  • Chapter VIII. The Training of a Boy up to Boorah Preliminaries
  • Chapter IX. The Boorah and Other Meetings
  • Chapter X. Chiefly as to Funerals and Mourning
  • Chapter XI. Something About Stars And Legends
  • Chapter XII. The Trapping of Game
  • Chapter XIII. Foraging and Cooking
  • Chapter XIV. Costumes and Weapons
  • Chapter XV. The Amusements of Blacks
  • Chapter XVI. Bush Bogies and Finis

The Customs and Traditions of the Aboriginal Natives of North Western Australia by John G. Withnell. [1901]

The Aborigines of Western Australia by Albert F. Calvert. [1894]

  • Languages
  • Early Accounts
  • Contemporary Accounts
  • Laws of Marriage
  • Land Ownership
  • Law
  • Women
  • Hunting and Gathering
  • Physical Strength
  • Childhood
  • Music
  • Religion and Mythology
  • Funerals
  • Old Testament Parallels
  • Boomerangs
  • Humor
  • Protection of Aborigines

Some Myths and Legends of the Australian Aborigines By William Jenkyn Thomas [1923]

  • The Story of the Seven Sisters and the Faithful Lovers
  • A Legend of the Sacred Bullroarer
  • Giant Kangaroos
  • The Great Fight
  • The Flying Chip
  • Why the Whale Spouts, the Starfish is Ragged, and the Native Bear has Strong Arms
  • A Legend of the Great Flood
  • How the Stars Were Made: Rolla-Mano and the Evening Star
  • Why the Crow is Black
  • Why Flying Foxes Hang from Trees: A Legend of the Striped-Tail Lizard
  • Why Blackfellows Never Travel Alone: A Legend of the Wallaroo and Willy-Wagtail
  • How the Kangaroo Got a Long Tail, and the Wombat a Flat Forehead
  • Why the Emu has Short Wings and the Native Companion a Harsh Voice
  • How the Sun was Made: Dawn, Noontide and Night
  • Thugine, the Rainbow and the Wandering Boys
  • Mirragan, the Fisherman: A Tale of the Wollandilly River, Whambeyan and Jenolan Caves
  • How Fire was Stolen from the Red-Crested Cockatoo
  • Why the Fish-Hawk was Driven to the Sea
  • How the Native Bear Lost His Tail

The aborigines of Australia (1883) Sadleir, Richard

Grammar of the Narrinyeri tribe of Australian aborigines (1880) Taplin, George

Kamilaroi and Kurnai : group-marriage and relationship, and marriage by elopement : drawn chiefly from the usage of the Australian aborigines : also the Kurnai tribe, their customs in peace and war (1880) Fison, Lorimer, 1832-1907; Howitt, A. W. (Alfred William), 1830-1908

The native tribes of Central Australia (1899) Spencer, Baldwin, Sir, 1860-1929; Gillen, Francis James

The native tribes of South-East Australia (1904) - Howitt, A. W. (Alfred William)

Moyarra: An Australian legend in two cantos (1891) Rusden, George William

Two representative tribes of Queensland with an inquiry concerning the origin of the Australian race (1910) Mathew, John

This is a must have collection for any Australian religion and myth (mythology) history buff!

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