Coney Island - The Early Days Film Collection DVD

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Collection of films highlighting Coney Island in its heyday.

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Collection of films highlighting Coney Island in its heyday. The films concentrate on the beaches, boardwalk and amusement areas of Coney Island but also include snapshots of like in and around Coney Island and New York City of that era.

Here are all the films that make up this historical collection:

Coney Island

Ride the elevated cars at Coney IslandConey Island entertainmentConey Island at night

Explore Coney Island in its heyday. See the boardwalk, ocean scenes, sideshow barkers, the circus freak show and much more. Enjoy the shows at this amazing amusement park and entertainment area. Who knows, you might even see a coney island baby. This is a great example of Coney Island history.

Producer: Unknown
Audio/Visual: Sound, Black & White
Run time: 9:19


Coney Island, USA (1952)

great view of COney Islandroller coastercotton candy being freshly made

Watch a day at at Coney Island amusement parks from its being empty in the early hours of the morning to its raucous crowds late in the day. This is a great film to get a feel for the building excitement as the Coney Island amusement park comes alive and people come from all walks of life the enjoy the amusements that are available there.

Production Company: Joseph Burstyn, Inc
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 21:00


Wathen collection: Greenwich Village, New York Snowstorm, and Coney Island

The neach at Coney IslandUp and down the roller coasterAn exciting ferris wheel ride

An exploration of Manhattan, Greenwich Village and Coney Island New York during the final days of World War II.

Producer: Wathen (R.W.)
Audio/Visual: Silent C
Run time: 14:46


Over the Waves (1938)

Learn how the Chevrolet suspension is designed to smooth out all the bumps in the road and deliver a comfortable drive down the road, whether it be a highway or a dirt road. Includes excellent shots of Coney Island New York.

Producer: Jam Handy Organization
Audio/Visual: Sound, Black & White
Run time: 9:19


Henry Ford's Mirror of America (1962)

the streets of New York

An excellent collection from the Ford Film Collection with footage of cultural and daily life across America in the early part of the 20th century. This film covers aspect of Coney Island, how the automobile is opening up America to the common man, early manufacturing footage and much more.

Producer: U.S. National Archives and Records Service
Audio/Visual: Sound, Black & White
Run time: 35:56


Arteries of New York City (1941)

New York trolley cars

This film is about transportation in and around New York City. It shows the challenges of planning and building the infrastructure of a vibrant, growing city. It includes scenes of a variety of transportation related items - including subway shots, ferry boats, tunnels, highways, Coney Island attractions and of course the inevitable traffic jams and much more.

Producer: Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Audio/Visual: Sound, Black & White
Run time: 9:26