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Vintage Newsreels - Hindenburg, War, Social Events, etc. Film Library

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This DVD contains a variety of 1920's to 1940's newsreel collections produced by various organizations showing the life and times of these eras. They cover a wide mix of events that were important to the people of that era. Some are silent and some have sound - and all are fascinating to watch.

Here are all the films that make up this historical collection:

Kinograms Newsreel, 1924 (1924)

This is a collection of news stories from 1924. It includes

  • President Coolidge having a White House reception
  • Runner Paavo Nurmi from Finland comes to the U.S. to train for a race
  • Saint Louis 45th annual carnical
  • Mrs. Coolidge is granted an honorary Doctor of Laws from BU
  • San Francisco police show how an arrest is made
  • and much more

Run time: 11:01

Kinograms Newsreel

This is a collection of early news stories. It includes

  • Disabled Veterans Day at the Ascot race in Los Angeles
  • Views of the Gordon Bennett Balloon Race
  • Opiom siexed and burned
  • John Cook performs his juggling act
  • and much more

Run time: 6:43

Pathe News Digest (1936, No. 2) (1936)

This is a collection of early news stories. It includes

  • Destruction of Honeymoon Bridge in Niagra Falls
  • Maine sells the winter ice to get rid of it
  • Demonstration of a collapsible parachute
  • Watch a tobacco plants life cycle
  • Champion ski team demonstration
  • and much more

Run time: 12:54

Pathe News Digest (1937, No. 3) (1937)

This is a collection of early news stories. It includes

  • Display of Russia's mastery of the air with skydiver demos
  • Learn how milk wool is made
  • The 1937 World's Pro Crown between the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears
  • Hindenburg disaster
  • The War in Madrid
  • King George abdicating
  • Amelia Earhart's last flight
  • and much more

Run time: 12:41

Hindenburg Explodes (1937)

This is actual footage of the Hindenburg disaster at Lakehurst. In addition to the disaster, it shows a variety of fascinating facts about the Hindenburg and how it had already made 12 voyages across the ocean.

Run time: 0:05:26

California Color Film / Golden Gate International Exposition

Run time: 7:41

An exciting tour of San Francisco - including a history of how it came to be, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, the Golden Gate International Exposition and much more.

News Thrills Of 1940

This newsreel focuses on Hitler's invasion of Norway and the Lowlands - showing German planes bombing cities and United States officials fleeing the area.

News Parade: Bombing of Pearl Harbor (1942)

Run time: 9:35

This news segment covers the deadly attack on Pearl Harbor and the S.S.
Normandie Fire in New York.

U.S. News Review: Issue 5

This is a collection of early news stories. It includes

  • Proper hairstyles for factory work dirng the war demonstrated by Veronica Lake
  • The effect of absenteeism on the war effort
  • The problem of daycare durig the war
  • Performance of an army fight sing - "Into The Wild Blue Yonder"
  • The Royal Air Corps in a nighttime bombing raid over Gremman, Germany
  • and much more

U.S. News Review, Issue No. 3

This is a collection of early news stories. It includes

  • Profile of the Canadian Mosquito Bomber
  • The capture of Milne Bay by the Allies
  • The challenges of household appliance repair during the war.
  • Air attacks on the enemy
  • The official Coast Guard song Semper Paratus is sung
  • and much more

Run time: 18:38

News Parade of 1945

This is a collection of early news stories. It includes

  • The death of FDR
  • V-E Day
  • Bombing of Nagasaki
  • V-J Day
  • The Nuremberg Trials
  • and much more

Run time: 0:02:44

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A119     Qty: