Women and Religion Throughout History- 19 Rare Historic Books On CD

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This CD contains 19 Rare and Fascinating Historic books detailing Women and Religion throughout History.

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This CD contains 19 Rare and Fascinating Historic books detailing Women and Religion throughout History.

Below is a breakdown of the books and their contents by region. The book titles are bolded and the contents are in the bullet points below each book. All books are complete - including any illustrations that were in the original hardcopy books. In many cases, we list the chapters in the books but we also list many books just by title and publication date in an effort to keep the ad a reasonable size. If you have a question about the contents of any book, please ask us.

All books are supplied in PDF format and are fully searchable.

Historic Texts

Vindication of the Rights Of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft. [1792]

The Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill. [1869]

Clothed With The Sun by Anna Kingsford [1889]

Woman, Church, and State by Matilda Joslyn Gage [1893]

  • Chapter I. The Matriarchate.
  • Chapter II. Celibacy.
  • Chapter III. Canon Law.
  • Chapter IV. Marquette.
  • Chapter V. Witchcraft.
  • Chapter VI. Wives.
  • Chapter VII. Polygamy.
  • Chapter VIII. Woman And Work.
  • Chapter IX. The Church Of To-day.
  • Chapter X. Past, Present, Future.

The Woman's Bible by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. [1895]

Woman and the New Race by Margaret Sanger. [1920]

  • I. Woman's Error And Her Debt
  • II. Woman's Struggle For Freedom
  • III. The Material Of The New Race
  • IV. Two Classes Of Women
  • V. The Wickedness Of Creating Large Families
  • VI. Cries Of Despair
  • VII. When Should a Woman Avoid Having Children?
  • VIII. Birth Control--A Parents' Problem Or Woman's?
  • IX. Continence--Is It Practicable Or Desirable?
  • X. Contraceptives Or Abortion?
  • XI. Are Preventive Means Certain?
  • XII. Will Birth Control Help The Cause Of Labor?
  • XIII. Battalions Of Unwanted Babies The Cause Of War
  • XIV. Woman And The New Morality
  • XV. Legislating Woman's Morals
  • XVI. Why Not Birth Control Clinics in America?
  • XVII. Progress We Have Made
  • XVIII. The Goal


The Burden of Isis

Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes

  • I. Ai Laau, The Forest Eater
  • II. How Pele Came to Hawaii
  • III. Pele and the Owl Ghost-God
  • IV. The Hills of Pele
  • V. Pele and the Chiefs of Puna
  • VI. Pele's Tree
  • VII. Pele and Kaha-wali
  • VIII. Pele and Kama-puaa
  • IX. Pele and the Snow-Goddess
  • X. Genealogy of the Pele Family
  • XI. Pele's Long Sleep
  • XII. Hopoe, the Dancing Stone
  • XIII. Hiiaka's Battle With Demons
  • XIV. How Hiiaka Found Wahine-omao
  • XV. Hiiaka Catching a Ghost
  • XVI. Hiiaka and the Seacoast Kupuas
  • XVII. Lohiau
  • XVIII. The Annihilation of Keoua's Army
  • XIX. Destruction of Kamehameha's Fish-ponds
  • XX. Kapiolani and Pele

Hymn to Demeter

The Poems of Sappho

Descent of Ishtar into the Lower World.

Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches

  • Chapter I: How Diana Gave Birth to Aradia (Herodias)
  • Chapter II: The Sabbat: Treguenda or Witch-Meeting--How to Consecrate the Supper
  • Chapter III: How Diana Made the Stars and the Rain
  • Chapter IV: The Charm of the Stones Consecrated to Diana
  • Chapter V: The Conjuration of the Lemon and Pins
  • Chapter VI: A Spell To Win Love
  • Chapter VII: To Find or Buy Anything, or to Have Good Fortune Thereby
  • Chapter VIII: To Have a Good Vintage and Very Good Wine by the Aid of Diana
  • Chapter IX: Tana and Endamone, or Diana and Endymion
  • Chapter X: Madonna Diana
  • Chapter XI: The House of the Wind
  • Chapter XII: Tana, The Moon-Goddess
  • Chapter XIII: Diana and the Children
  • Chapter XIV: The Goblin Messengers of Diana and Mercury
  • Chapter XV: Laverna

Hymn to the All-Mother

The Dev´┐Ż Gita

Hymn to the Goddess of Dawn

The Hopi Origin Myth

Myths and Legends of Crete and Pre-Hellenic Europe.

Other Religions

The Shaker Compendium by F.W. Evans [1859]

The Kabbalah Unveiled

This is a must have collection for any history buff interested in the evolution and involvement of women in religion throughout the ages!

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