Grocery Store Clerk Training Films on DVD

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Vintage General Store and Supermarket - Grocery Store Clerk Training Films

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Vintage Store Clerk Training Films

Training quality employees has always been a challenge as shown in this collection of two films made 50 years apart.

The first film is The Troubles of a Merchant and How to Stop Them (1917). This silent film demonstrates the troubles a shopkeeper in the teens has due to trying to keep track of everything on pencil and paper. The film shows the troubles the storekeeper has on a day to day basis and how these problems cause loss of profits. It then shows how a National Cash Register solves all the merchant's problems and brings him back to profitability. This 33 minute films is a fascinating look at early cash register machines and their positive effects on stores.

The second film is The Front Line (1965). This color production runs for 15 minutes and shows how grocery checkout clerks were trained. A new checkout clerk is trained by three expert clerks in all the ins and outs of working with customers efficiently and with a smile on her face. The film is a good example of 60s culture and styles and is an interesting portrayal of how markets operated before the advent of barcodes and computerization and shows that the clerks really had to be educated in their jobs back then as there was no computer to rely on as there is today.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD