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WWII National Security and Espionage Films on DVD

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Examining Spying, Treason, Education, Spy Detection Training,
Japanese Mindset and Japanese Internment Programs

This collection of six World War II era films explore the steps America took to prevent spying and espionage on our soil. It includes detailed training films for military personnel as well as steps taken to intern the Japanese living in America and why the steps taken were necessary for the safety and security of the United States. This film collection runs for 1 hour 23 minutes.

Here are the films included in this collection.

1) Subversion And Espionage Directed Against The Military - This is a military educational film showing how spies work the crows around military bases to gather sensitive information. It includes scenarios such as interactions in bars, at social activities and much more.

2) Safeguarding Military Information (1941) - This film explores the notion that "loose lips sink ships" by showing the type of damage loose conversation can have - including sabotage, destruction of naval vessels and much more.

3) A Challenge to Democracy (1944) - This film explains the Japanese Internment program - showing Americans that the Japanese actually work to pay their way in the internment camps and shows that they are still socially involved and why the program is necessary.

4) Japanese Relocation (ca. 1943) - This is another look at the WWII Japanese internment camps.

5) My Japan (1945) - A Japanese anti propoganda film designed to educate the masses about the danger the Japanese present to the American way of life and why it is essential that people buy savings bonds to help fight this menace.

6) Our Enemy: The Japanese (1943) - A film exploring the Japanese lifestyle and philosophy to prepare American troops for what to expect while fighting them.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD


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Price: $14.97     SKU: A311     Qty: