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Historic Urban Sprawl Film Collection on DVD

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A Collection of Films Discussing Urban Sprawl in American Cities
and the Planning and Development Steps to Improve City Life

Urban sprawl...

It has been with us ever since the first group of people decided to live close to each other. And in spite of tons of government initiatives, the problem still exists today. This collection of films examines urban sprawl and proposed solutions in the mid 20th century in the United States.

This collection runs 2 huors 5 minutes and includes the following films.

1) Community Growth: Crisis and Challenge (ca. 1959) This informative film was addressed to home builders and discussed the problem of urban sprawl and what they as builders could do to mitigate these issues with more land friendly development.

2) The Dynamic American City (ca. 1956) - Discusses urban renewal and redevelopment as a way to contain sprawl and reclaim that which is old and worn out and make it new and vibrant again in the urban environment.

3) The City (1939) - A plea by the Regional Planning Association of America's to reduce urban sprawl and embrace more sound planning.

4) Cities: How They Grow - This Encyclopedia Brittanica film gives a detailed overview of how cities grow and the problems they experience during their life.

5) The Changing City - This film focuses on the problems caused by urban sprawl and the dangers they cause to a city.

6) No Time for Ugliness (1965) - Shows the ugliness of city approaches filled with billboards and neon signs and other unsightly displays and suggests that the citizens of the city can demand that their councils take action to remove this blight.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD


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Price: $14.97     SKU: A321     Qty: