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75 Historic Dance Demonstrations on DVD

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Renaissance, Baroque, 19th Century, Ragtime, Waltz,
Pas Double, Tango and More

This is a collection of 75 historic dance demonstrations from the Renaissance period to the Ragtime era.

Here are the titles of all the demonstrations broken down by period.

Renaissance - Cinq pas de la gaillarde; Autres cinq pas; Passage d'unze pas; Sample steps from the Italian repertory; Pavane (pavan) steps; Conversion: pavane (pavan); Pavane (pavan); Branle Simple; Branle Double; Branle Charlotte; Pas double for dancing the branle; Pas simple for dancing the branle; Last bar: Branle des Lavandieres; Branle des Lavandieres; Révérence

Baroque - Courante from "La Bourgogne"; Sarabande from "La Bourgogne"; Bourée from "La Savoye"; Sampler of steps; Pas de menuet de deux mouvements; Pas de menuet de trois mouvements; "Entrée d'apolon"; Révérence

Early Nineteenth-Century - Quadrille: Step combinations; Quadrille: Step combinations; March steps, bow, and Slow French Waltz; March steps, bow and curtsy; Scotch Reel steps

Mid Nineteenth-Century - Polka; Esmeralda V1; Esmeralda V2; Schottisch; Polka mazurka and the Gitana waltz; Waltz; Varsovienne; Zingirella; Five Step Waltz

Late Nineteenth-Century - Grand March; Quadrille; The German "The Rope"; The German "The Fan"; The German "Blind Man's Buff"; Waltz Variations; The Washington Post Two Step; The Washington Post Two Step; Waltz and "Loomis' Glide Mazurka; "The Eugenie" and Waltz Cotillion; The Butterfly Dance; The German; Bow and curtsy; Waltz; Waltz (feet only); Heel-and-Toe Polka; Heel-and-Toe Polka; Cross Step Polka; The Carlton; The Carlton (feet only); Loomis' Glide Mazurka; Loomis' Glide Mazurka (feet only); Waltz Minuet; Star Schottische; Star Schottische (feet only)

Ragtime - One-Step Variation; Castle Walk; Standard Waltz; The Maxixe (1st Step); The Maxixe V2; The Maxixe V2; Argentine Tango; Argentine Tango V2; Argentine Tango V3


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Price: $14.97     SKU: A323     Qty: