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Vintage Clothing and Fashion Design on DVD

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Clothing Styles, Trends, New Material Introductions in Rayon and
Nylon - Clothing Accessories, Eye and Hair Fashions and More

The one constant about fashion is that it is always changing. This collection of 1940s-50s fashion films highlights typical fashion designs and trends of this era. It shows early influences on later generations of fashion as well as choices in styles, materials and locale that affected the fashion of the day.

This interesting collection runs for 1 hour 52 minutes and contains the following films.

  • Aristocrats of Fashion (ca. late 1930s - early 1940s) - An exploration of fashions for sport and evening wear, all made from the latest in materials - Bemberg rayon.;
  • Fashion Horizons (1940) - World War II Era fashion travelogue in the Southwestern US demonstrating the modes of fashion in affuent tourist destinations of the Southwest.;
  • Union Square, San Francisco Fashion Show (ca. 1950s) - A 1950s fashion show in the middle of Union Square Park, San Francisco is shown.;
  • Modes of the Moment (1917) - This classic film is an example of Early "footery fashions" and was sponsored by the Walk-Over Company. ;
  • The Story of a Star (1956) - An exploration of how modern chemistry has been applied to the fashion industry to develop sheet stockings and showing that Agilon is superior to standard Nylon.;
  • Western Fashions & Arizona - Examples of "cowboy" fashions worn in Phoenix in the 1950s.;
  • Fashion's Favorite (1940) - This films discusses the wonders of Dupont Rayon and how it is manufacturer and transforming style.;
  • Fitting Faces (ca. 1940) - An exploration of eyeglass fashion in the 1940s.;
  • Hair Dress Through the Ages (ca. 1950) - A look at the differing hair styles from ancient times to modern times.;
  • Pattern for Smartness (1948) - Shows how home sewn clothing can be as good and elegant as high fashion store bought clothing.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD


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Price: $14.97     SKU: A335     Qty: