Historic 1930s-50s Oil and Gasoline Industry Film Collection on DVD

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Drilling, Refining, Manufacturing, Economic Impact and More on 2 Dvds

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Drilling, Refining, Manufacturing, Economic
Impact and More on 2 DVDs

Oil has long been a cornerstone of our economy. It literally is the engine that drives everything - from farming to manufacturing to transportation and touches upon every aspect of our lives.

This two dvd set delves into the early years of oil development and looks at all phases of oil and gas production and how it is so tightly intertwined in our economy. The total run time for the two DVDs is 3 hours 30 minutes.

Here are the contents of the DVDs

  • Twenty-Four Hours of Progress 1950 - An exploration of the central role the oil industry plays in the U.S. economy;
  • Assignment: Venezuela 1956 - Follows the story of an American oil executive relocating to the Venezuela fields;
  • Oil for Aladdin's Lamp ca. 1949 - Details how everything in our society depends on oil and its petrochemical products;
  • Destination Earth 1956 - A Martian comes to Earth and discovers how oil and competition are what makes America great;
  • Desert Venture ca. 1948 - This film explores the search for oil in Saudi Arabia and how it is extracted to power America;
  • American Frontier 1953 - An exploration of the effects of an oil discovery on Williston, North Dakota and the surrounding region;
  • Extra Esso Screen Ad ca. 1938 - A commercial for Esso gasoline;
  • Down the Gasoline Trail 1935 - An animation showing how gasoline powers Chevrolet car engines;
  • More Power to You ca. 1930s - The life cycle of oil - how it is drilled, transported, refined and brought to the consumer;
  • Progress Parade ca. 1960 - A news release covering various events in the oil industry;
  • The Inside Story of Modern Gasoline ca. 1946 - Shows how gasoline is refined and used;
  • Science in Action: Drilling for Oil 1956 - Host Earl Herald interviews Howard G. Vesper, VP of Standard Oil, about the science of oil drilling;
  • Oil Today - Power Tomorrow 1950 - The story of how oil is brought to the surface and turned into useful energy; Gasoline For Everybody 1944 - An exploration of the production, refining and distribution of gasoline.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD