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Vintage Stop Motion Animation
Two DVD Film Collection

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13 Fascinating Examples of Early Stop Motion Amimation
Including Town Safety, Dancing Cigarettes, Police
Work, Aluminum Manufacturing, Farm Life and More.

This two DVD stop motion film series has a total run time of 2 hours 25 minutes and includes:

  • Live and Let Live (1947) - A demonstration of a wide range of vehicle safety scenarios set on a "tabletop" town using model cars and trucks for the demonstrations.;
  • Precisely So (1937) - explores the measurement of very tiny quantities - including a variety of stop motion scenes.;
  • Aluminum on the March (1956) - Explores aluminum and its uses in every day life and industry with a variety of stop motion animations demonstrating these uses.;
  • Just Imagine (1947) - Animated Tommy Telephone produces a telephone by assembling 433 separate parts.;
  • Saint Paul Police Detectives and Their Work (1941) - stop-motion animation film demonstrating the activities of St. Paul Police detectives.;
  • Auto-Lite on Parade (1940) - A tour of the Auto-Lite parts factory ending in a stop motion parade of their products.;
  • How a Watch Works (1949) - A demonstration of the design and operation of a watch, including a stop-motion animation showing a watch being assembled .;
  • Round and Round (1939) - A stop-motion animation showing how a factory is run from an economic viewpoint.;
  • The Penwiper (1926) and Green Pastures (1926)- Two mud animations by pioneer San Francisco Chinese American animator Joseph Sunn.;
  • When You Are a Pedestrian (1948) - Shows the shared responsibilities of pedestrians and motorists for accident prevention - filmed live and with stop motion demonstrations.; The collection is completed with two Lucky Strike cigarette commercials featuring dancing cigarettes.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD


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Price: $19.97     SKU: A461-462     Qty: