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Vintage City Planning Two Dvd Film Collection

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Urban Spwawl, Community Growth and Development, Urban
Redevelopment and Renewal, Roadway Planning and More

This collection of vintage city planning films is a glimpse of state of the art urban planning and problems around the 1940's - 1950's.

This collection spans two dvds and has a total run time of 2 hours 41 minutes. Here are the films that make up the vintage city planning collection.

  • Our Community (1952) - This film highlights how all members of a community are interconnected - from the police and fire/rescue teams to the neighbors on your street.;
  • The City (1939) - This film is a plea by The Regional Planning Association of America to pull urban communities together to prevent their decay and sprawl.;
  • The Dynamic American City (1956) - This film explains why urban redevelopment and rebuilding of blighted neighborhoods and other steps are needed to keep our cities strong and robust.;
  • Community Growth: Crisis and Challenge (1959) - A frank discussion by homebuilders against haphazardly planned suburban sprawl.;
  • Arteries of New York City (1941) - A glimpse at the efforts to sensibly grow the transportation infrastructure in New York City.;
  • Detroit: City on the Move (1965) - This is a promotional film made to promote Detroit as the place to hold the 1968 Olympic games. The film highlights the diversity of Detroit - its people, manufacturing, communities and much more.;
  • A Place to Live (1948) - Shows efforts taken in Philadelphia to clear out slums and build solid housing for its citizens in its place.;
  • Open Road (1951) - An educational film about steel, how it is used in the construction of modern roads and the problems that occur on roadways with time and heavy use.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD


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Price: $19.97     SKU: A465-466     Qty: