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Classic 1950's Marriage Film
Collection on Two Dvds

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Marriage Roles, Jealousy, Choosing a Marriage Partner,
Premarital Advice, Marriage Challenges, Newlyweds and Much More

This collection of 1950's marriage films shows the best of the marriage educational films the era to educate young men and women about marriage and its responsibilities.

This two dvd set has a total run time of 3 hours 12 minutes and contains the following films:

  • Who's Boss? (1950) - An examination of the struggles of a husband and wife to find an equilibirum of the balance of power in their relationship.;
  • It Takes All Kinds (1950) - Discusses how to choose a marriage partner for who he or she is - so choose with care.;
  • Marriage Is a Partnership (1951) - A look at the problems, challenges and transformations that occur in the first year of a marriage.;
  • Jealousy (1954) - An exploration of the underlying causes of a wife's jealousy in her marriage.;
  • How Do You Know It's Love? (1950) - An analysis of what true love really is and the dangers of just thinking you are in love.;
  • Choosing for Happiness (1950) - A discussion of what a woman should look for in choosing a spouse for a long and happy marriage as well as other still valid pre-marital advice.;
  • This Charming Couple (1950) - This film serves as an educational showcase of all the problems that can occur in a marriage if one is not careful to deal with issues in a mature and immediate manner.;
  • Are You Ready for Marriage? (1950) - Two teenagers receive advice and counseling from their minister when they are contemplating marriage.;
  • Who's Right? (1954) - A film showing that in arguments where one person needs to be right the end result is hurt on both sides and damage to the marriage.;
  • Is This Love? (1957) - A comparison of two couples - one that rushes to marriage and one that has a long courtship before marriage.;
  • Cooking: Terms and What They Mean (1949) - Shows a newlywed learning her way around the kitchen to take care of her new husband.;
  • Marriage Today (1950) - An examination of steps young couples can take to strengthen their marriages.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD


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Price: $19.97     SKU: A467-468     Qty: