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Historical 1950s Iran Film Series DVD

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Explore Iranian Culture, Industr, Art, Music, People,
Food, 40th Birthday of Shah of Iran, Shah of
Iran Visiting Degaulle in France and More

Iran is a beautiful country that too often gets hidden in the political turmoil of the region.

This DVD contains a documentary showing the beauty of Iran and its people in 1954 as well as two newsreel clips featuring the Shah of Iran.

The total runtime of this collection is 16 minutes.

The documentary is titled Iran: Between Two Worlds - 1954 - It is an excellent portrayal of the daily life of people living in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahen. It also includes breathtaking scenes of the Persian mountains as well as industries - including agriculture and native artisans working with metal, rugs and much more.

The first newsreel was from 11/1959 and shows the celebration of the Shah of Iran's 40th birthday complete with a fireworks display.

The second newsreel was from 10/1961 and shows the Shah of iran visiting DeGaulle in France and celebrating with a formal dinner.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A529     Qty: