Food: From Field to Supermarket DVD

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A Collection of Films on the Food Industry From Farming to Processing to Retail Sales

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A Collection of Films on the Food Industry From
Farming to Processing to Retail Sales

Food is a vital part of our daily lives and it keeps our society running smoothly. We don't need to think where our next meal is coming from because we know it is from our local supermarket or restaurant.

This film collection explores various points along the food chain from the farm to the supermarket and local retailer to show all the steps involved in allowing you food security. The total run time for this collection is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Here are the films in this collection:

Film 1: Buying Food - 1950 - This film, targeted to Home Economics classes, talks about sensible food buying at the market - how to read cans, tell the quality of foods, food grading systems and more.

Film 2: Purely Coincidental - This is a food safety film aimed at factory workers in food processing plants.

Film 3: Incredible Edible Egg in Food Service - A film exploring the many uses and ways to prepare eggs in quantity for the food service industry.

Film 4: Why Doesn't Cathy Eat Breakfast? - This school film is an exploration of the importance of eating breakfast and focuses a discussion on this issue via Cathy and her reasons for skipping breakfast.

Film 5: The Butcher, The Baker and The Ice Cream Maker - This is an animated film pitching prepackaged ice cream containers to various retailers - grocers, drug stores, etc.

Film 6: Meat - From Range to Market - An overview of the meat industry. This film demonstrates the way meats are processed, inspected and packaged for delivery to the local markets.

Film 7: This is Life - This is a complete exploration of meat - from the ranch to the dinner table (minus the slaughterhouse.) It discusses how the protein from meat is important to the diet and goes into detail about how meat animals are raised and transported from the farm to the dinner table.

Here are some sample clips from the DVD