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Travel exotic Chile, South America in the 1940s

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Travel exotic Chile, South America in the 1940s

This DVD is a collection of three films presenting a snapshot of life and development in Chile South America in the 1940s. It includes scenes of life in the Patagonia area of South Chile, how farming is becoming more modernized and the rapid changes to housing taking place during WWII.

This film has a run time of approximately 59 minutes.

Here are the films contained in the DVD:

South Chile (1945) - A fascinating overview of the lives of the people and their agricultural methods in Patagonia which is located in South Chile. In addition to a fascinating view of the people of South Chile, the film has a variety of excellent shots of the natural wonders of South Chile - like glaciers and exotic mountain formations.

Fundo in Chile (1949) - This film contrasts old farming methods vs modern farming methods on two large Chilean ranches and shows the daily lives and rituals of the people who work on the ranches. It is a fascinating contrast of how much more productive modern farming methods are to traditional farming methods that were practices for centuries.

Housing in Chile: One Government's Plan to Provide Better Homes (1943) - This film shows the steps the government was taking in Santiago to lift people from the slums by creating new and better housing for them.

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