Classic Table & Dining Manners Film Collection on DVD

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An exploration of the various facets of behavior that demonstrate good table manners in a variety of situations

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An exploration of the various facets of behavior that
demonstrate good table manners in a variety of situations

An important part of socializing is knowing how to act in any given social situation to leave a good impression with your peers. Of all socializing areas, table manners is perhaps the most complex and the most powerful. Bad table manners tends to brand you as anti-social in a variety of ways.

This collection of historic films will examine all aspects of table manners and proper dining behavior in a variety of situations. Even thought the films are more than fifty years old, the techniques of good table manners have not really changed so the lessons that were taught then are as valuable to good social behavior today as they were back then.

The films in this collection include:

  • Dinner Party (1945) - This film shows proper table etiquette for teenagers at a birthday party while being served a full three course dinner consisting of a soup dish, a meat dish and a dessert.
  • Table Manners (1947) - Learn manners from the master as Emily Post discusses manners at a dinner party. She gives detailed and formal directions for how to handle most awkward food situations such as what peice of silverware should be used for a particular course, how to deal with unwanted bits of food, how to eat more awkward items like soup and spaghetti and much more. It also shows some examples of bad manners to contrast against the good manner approach.
  • A Date With Your Family (1950) - This film shows a family spending time together and interacting in a positive manner to promote family unity.
  • Dining Together (1951) - A film showing the proper etiquette for young children during a Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Good Table Manners (1951) - Table manners are important. They tell a lot about upbringing. And that is no more important than to a teen boy who may need to impress girls. This is a story about a 14 year old boy who is uncomfortable with is table manners and just can't grasp what the right manners are for a party. He meets himself as a 21 year old man who then educates his younger self on good table manners in a simple to understand way. The young man then goes to the party, has a good time and commits no social blunders.
  • Mind Your Manners (1953) - Good manners are important and they are no more important than when you are interacting with your peers. This film explores good manners and demonstrates how and why they should be applied to all sorts of situations. It also demonstrates how good manners help you get along with others.

This DVD has a runtime of 68 minutes

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