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Historic Alcohol Abuse and Effects of Alcoholism Film Collection on DVD

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For as long as there has been alcohol, there have been people who drank too much - with all the attendant problems this can cause - violence, drunk driving, personal injury and death. This collection of films shows the steps various film makers were taking to educatte the public about the dangers of drinking too much. The major focus of the films is teenage alcoholism and showing teenagers how such a bad habit can ruin their lives.

Here are the contents of each of the films in the alcohol abuse history film collection:

Alcohol and the Human Body (1949)

This landmark film shows the course alcohol takes through your body, its effects on the brain and shows how even problem drinkers can be treated for their alcohol problems.

Producer: Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Audio/Visual: Sound, B&W
Run time: 12:06

Alcohol Trigger Films for Junior High: The Party, The Mother, The Bride (1979)

This is a collection of three short open ended situational film created to stimulate discussion of alcohol in educatinoal settings. It includes three clips people can relate to - a party while the parents are away, an intoxicated mother and teen drunk driving.

Producer: Nowak (Amram) Associates
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 8:57

The Bottle and the Throttle

This is the story of a teen boy - Bill - who decides to drink and drive - with disastrous consequences. He hits and kills a girl and her mother. And then it shows the consequences he suffers from this event.

Audio/Visual: sound, color
Run time: 10:21

Few Too Many

The film demonstrates what happens when you drink and drive - highlighting how different levels of alcohol in the blood can impair a person differently (i.e. more alcohol = less control.) The film is told in a first person narrative by someone who had his life destroyed by his drinking.

Audio/Visual: sound, color

Measure of a Man (1962)

This film examines a variety of situations a teen may find himself or herself in and teaches how to say no to the offer of alcohol.

Producer: Brigham Young University
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 22:02

None for the Road: Teenage Drinking and Driving (1957)

This film highlights the effects of drinking and driving. It shows the effects of alcohol on rats to show the damage of differing amounts of alcohol and shows a story of teenagers who die when drinking and driving because of the same adverse effects to coordination as shown by the rats.

Producer: Centron Corporation
Audio/Visual: Sound, B&W
Run time: 14:03

That Boy Joe (1944)

A discussion of juvenile delinquency and alcoholism during the war and steps that can be taken to counter it.

Producer: Chicago Film Laboratory
Audio/Visual: Sound, Black & White
Run time: 17:27

What About Drinking? (1954)

A frank, open ended discussion of teenagers and alcohol. The film was designed to stimulate discussions of alcohol in a classroom setting.

Producer: Centron Productions
Audio/Visual: Sound, B&W
Run time: 10:25

Where Does It Get You? (1946)

This film shows the long term downfall of the path of alcoholism - impaired judgement, poor reflexes and a loss of the qualities that make a successful person and a quality life.

Producer: Century Productions
Audio/Visual: Sound, B&W
Run time: 15:45

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A187    Qty: