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Atomic Weapon Testing Studies
Complete 18 DVD Series

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This DVD series is comprised of the 18 titles that comprise our Atomic Weapons Testing Studies DVD collection (each available individually.) This series includes the following DVDs:

  • Atomic Blasts - Operation Greenouse - Upshot-Knothole Nuclear Blasts
  • Atomic Weapons Orientation
  • Atomic Weapons Tests: Trinity Through Buster-Jangle
  • Military Effects of Operation Redwing Nuclear Weapon Testing DVD
  • Military Effects Studies of Operation Castle Nuclear Test Program DVD
  • Nuclear Program Testing Review
  • Operation Argus High Altitude Nuclear Test Program
  • Operation Castle Thermonuclear Weapons Testing Commanders Report DVD
  • Operation Desert Rock DVD - Nuclear Radiation Testing on U.S Troops
  • Operation Dominic Fireballs Nuclear Explosions
  • Operation Greenhouse Nuclear Testing Program
  • Operation Hardtack Nuclear Testing Program
  • Operation Ivy Nuclear Testing Program
  • Operation Ranger & Buster/Jangle Nuclear Testing Program
  • Operation Teapot Nuclear Testing Program
  • Operation Tumbler-Snapper Nuclear Testing Program
  • Operation Upshot/Knothole Nuclear Testing Program
  • Project Crossroads Nuclear Testing Program
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Price: $199.97     SKU: A489-511/537-547     Qty: