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The Historical Tennessee Book Collection is a collection of 35 volumes relating to the history of Tennessee and its people primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. Several of the volumes have great period illustrations and portraits of relevant historical figures.

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The Historical Tennessee Book Collection is a collection of 35 volumes relating to the history of Tennessee and its people primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. Several of the volumes have great period illustrations and portraits of relevant historical figures. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below.

  1. History of Tennessee, its people and its institutions (1900) - Garrett, William Robertson; Goodpasture, Albert Virgil - 351 pages
  2. Early history of Middle Tennessee (1909) - Albright, Edward - 203 pages
  3. A school history of Tennessee (1919) - Dyer, Gustavus Walker - 279 pages
  4. History of DeKalb county, Tennessee (1915) - Hale, Will T. (Will Thomas) - 254 pages
  5. Dropped stitches in Tennessee history (1897) - Allison, John - 150 pages
  6. A history of Tennessee from 1663 to 1911, for use in schools (1911) - McGee, Gentry Richard - 302 pages
  7. Admission of Tennessee (1866) - Tennessee. Citizen - 128 pages
  8. Studies in the constitutional history of Tennessee (1895) - Caldwell, Joshua W. (Joshua William) - 183 pages
  9. Andrew Jackson and early Tennessee history (1918) - Heiskell, Samuel Gordon - 687 pages
  10. The loyal mountaineers of Tennessee (1888) - Humes, Thomas William - 400 pages
  11. Two years of Harriman, Tennessee (1892) - East Tennessee Land Company - 95 pages
  12. History of Tennessee : the making of a state (1888) - Phelan, James - 478 pages
  13. History of the church in the Diocese of Tennessee (1900) - Noll, Arthur Howard - 229 pages
  14. History of Tennessee, from its earliest discoveries and settlements (1896) - Free, George D - 258 pages
  15. History of the rebellion in Bradley County, East Tennessee (1866) - Hurlburt, J. S - 280 pages
  16. Andrew Johnson, military governor of Tennessee (1916) - Hall, Clifton R. - 234 pages
  17. The secession and reconstruction of Tennessee .. (1898) - Fertig, James Walter - 108 pages
  18. Historic Sullivan; a history of Sullivan County, Tennessee, with brief biographies of the makers of history (1909) - Taylor, Oliver - 330 pages
  19. A brief narrative of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, Wheeler's Corps, Army of Tennessee (1913) - Guild, George B - 268 pages
  20. Hancock's diary: or, A history of the Second Tennessee Confederate cavalry (1887) - Hancock, R. R. (Richard R.) - 644 pages
  21. The history of Tennessee, from its earliest settlement to the present time (1854) - Carpenter, W. H. (William Henry) - 284 pages
  22. History of middle Tennessee Baptists : with special reference to Salem, New Salem, Enon and Wiseman associations (1902) - Grime, J. H. (John Harvey) - 565 pages
  23. Fisk University. History, building and site, and services of dedication, at Nashville, Tennessee, January 1, 1876 - 64 pages
  24. Battles and sketches of the Army of Tennessee (1906) - Ridley, Bromfield Lewis - 662 pages
  25. The backward trail; stories of the Indians and Tennessee pioneers (1899) - Hale, Will T. (Will Thomas) - 181 pages
  26. Tennessee in the war, 1861-1865; lists of military organizations and officers from Tennessee in both the Confederate and Union armies; general and staff officers of the provisional army of Tennessee, appointed by Governor Isham G. Harris (c1908) - Wright, Marcus Joseph - 228 pages
  27. First reunion of the survivors of the Army of the Tennessee and its four corps (1892) - Association of survivors of the Army of the Tennessee - 214 pages
  28. "Co. Aytch" : Maury Grays, First Tennessee Regiment, or, a side show of the big show (1900) - Watkins, Sam R - 223 pages
  29. The retreat from Pulaski to Nashville, Tenn.; battle of Franklin, Tennessee, November 30th, 1864; (1909) - Scofield, Levi Tucker - 67 pages
  30. A narrative of the life of David Crockett, of the state of Tennessee (1834) - Crockett, Davy; Carey, Hart & Company; Carey, E. L; Hart, A. - 211 pages
  31. History of Tennessee, from the earliest time to the present; together with an historical and a biographical sketch of Giles, Lincoln, Franklin and Moore counties; (1886) - 930 pages
  32. Sketch of Harvey's scouts, formerly of Jackson's cavalry division, Army of Tennessee; ... a part of the second volume of Claiborne's History of Mississippi (1885) - Claiborne, John Francis Hamtramck - 24 pages
  33. The civil and political history of the state of Tennessee from its earliest settlement up to the year 1796, including the boundaries of the state (1891) - Haywood, John, 1762-1826; Colyar, Arthur St. Clair, 1818-1907; Armstrong, Zella - 518 pages
  34. Standard history of Knoxville, Tennessee, with full outline of the natural advantages, early settlement, territorial government, Indian troubles and general and particular history of the city down to the present time (1900) - Rule, William, editor; Mellen, George Frederick, joint editor; Wooldridge, John - 590 pages
  35. History of the University of the South, at Sewanee, Tennessee : from its founding by the southern bishops, clergy, and laity of the Episcopal Church in 1857 to the year 1905 (1905) - Fairbanks, George R. (George Rainsford) - 403 pages

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