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Historic Arizona Book Collection on CD

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The Historical Arizona Book Collection is a collection of 26 volumes relating to the history of Arizona and its people primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. Several of the volumes have great period illustrations and portraits of relevant historical figures. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below.

  1. History of Arizona Volume 1 (1915) - Farish, Thomas Edwin - 392 pages
  2. History of Arizona Volume 2 (1915) - Farish, Thomas Edwin - 348 pages
  3. History of Arizona Volume 3 (1915) - Farish, Thomas Edwin - 371 pages
  4. History of Arizona Volume 4 (1915) - Farish, Thomas Edwin - 351 pages
  5. History of Arizona Volume 5 (1915) - Farish, Thomas Edwin - 368 pages
  6. History of Arizona Volume 6 (1915) - Farish, Thomas Edwin - 336 pages
  7. History of Arizona Volume 7 (1915) - Farish, Thomas Edwin - 327 pages
  8. History of Arizona Volume 8 (1915) - Farish, Thomas Edwin - 342 pages
  9. Arizona and Sonora: the geography, history, and resources of the silver region of North America (1864) - Mowry, Sylvester - 251 pages
  10. The story of Arizona (1919) - Robinson, William Henry - 458 pages
  11. The white conquest of Arizona : history of the pioneers (1908) - Jackson, Orick - 52 pages
  12. Soldiers of the cross. Notes on the ecclesiastical history of New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado (1898) - Salpointe, John Baptist - 299 pages
  13. History and reminiscences of the Holiness church work in southern California and Arizona (1800) - Washburn, Josephine M. - 463 pages
  14. Arizona : a comprehensive review of its history, counties, principal cities, resources and prospects : together with notices of the business men and firms who have made the territory (1891) - Stinson, H. C; Carter, W. N - 143 pages
  15. The marvellous country; or, Three years in Arizona and New Mexico. Containing an authentic history of this wonderful country and its ancient civilization ... together with a full and complete history of the Apache tribe of Indians - Cozzens, Samuel Woodworth - 548 pages
  16. The territory of Arizona : a brief history and summary of the territory's acquisition, organization, and mineral, agricultural and grazing resources : embracing a review of its Indian tribes, their depredations and subjugation : and showing in brief the present condition and prospects of the territory (1874) - Safford, A. P. K., (Anson Peasley Keeler) - 38 pages
  17. The resources of Arizona : its mineral, farming, and grazing lands, towns, and mining camps, its rivers, mountains, plains, and mesas, with a brief summary of its Indian tribes, early history, ancient ruins, climate, etc. : a manual of reliable information concerning the territory (1881) - Hamilton, Patrick - 120 pages
  18. Arizona, the wonderland; the history of its ancient cliff and cave dwellings, ruined pueblos, conquest by the Spaniards, Jesuit and Franciscan missions, trail makers and Indians; a survey of its climate, scenic marvels, topography, deserts, mountains, rivers and valleys; a review of its industries; an account of its influence on art, literature and science; and some reference to what it offers of delight to the automobilist, sportsman, pleasure and health seeker. By George Wharton James. With a map and sixty plates, of which twelve are in colour (1917) - James, George Wharton - 478 pagesM
  19. Maricopa County, Arizona (1905) - Maricopa County (Ariz.). Commission of Immigration - 24 pages
  20. Greenlee County; the wonderland of Arizona (1922) - 50 pages
  21. Sketch of Pima County, Arizona : its mining districts, minerals, climate, agriculture and other resources (1910) - Blake, William P. (William Phipps) - 48 pages
  22. Arizona, prehistoric, aboriginal, pioneer, modern; the nation's youngest commonwealth within a land of ancient culture Volume 1 (1916) - McClintock, James H. - 312 pages
  23. Arizona, prehistoric, aboriginal, pioneer, modern; the nation's youngest commonwealth within a land of ancient culture Volume 2 (1916) - McClintock, James H. - to page 633
  24. Arizona business directory and gazetteer : containing the names and post-office addresses of all merchants, manufacturers and professional men in the territory of Arizona; territorial, county, city and town officers, a description of the different mining districts and the names of mining superintendents; also, a gazetteer of the counties, cities and towns, giving a full exhibit of their mineral, agricultural and manufacturing resources; with an appendix, containing the names and addresses of wholesale merchants and manufacturers in the city of San Francisco (1881) - Disturnell, William C - 327 pages
  25. Salt River Valley, Arizona, offers productive lands, a healthful climate and rare opportunities to the investor and homeseeker (1908) - Crenshaw, J. W - 36 pages
  26. Facts, figures and pictures about the city of Yuma and the 150,000 acres of valley and mesa lands along the Colorado River which is being reclaimed by the Reclamation Service under the "Yuma Project," the greatest farming country in the world now in the making (1915) - 36 pages

Here are the computer requirements to run and operate this CD. You must have a PC running Windows or a Macintosh running OS X or higher software and a web browser. All the manuals in this disk are in DJVU format. This format allows you to page through the manuals, enlarge pages for better viewing and print the individual pages or entire manual as well as many other things. The viewer is very intuitive to use and has a full help system to answer any questions you may have about its more advanced features. The viewer is included on the CD.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: B321     Qty: