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Historic Utah Book Collection on CD

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The Utah Book Collection is a collection of 26 volumes relating to the history of Utah and its people primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. Several of the volumes have great period illustrations and portraits of relevant historical figures. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below.

  1. History of Utah (The History company) - Bancroft, Hubert Howe - 808 pages
  2. Popular history of Utah (1916) - Whitney, Orson F. (Orson Ferguson) - 588 pages
  3. History of Utah, 1540-1886 (1889) - Bancroft, Hubert Howe; Bates, Alfred - 808 pages
  4. Reminiscences of early Utah (1914) - Baskin, R. N. (Robert Newton) - 252 pages
  5. Chief episodes in the history of Utah (1912) - Young, Levi Edgar - 51 pages
  6. The making of a state; a school history of Utah (1908) - Whitney, Orson F. (Orson Ferguson) - 326 pages
  7. Utah since statehood, historical and biographical Volume 1 (1919) - Warrum, Noble; Morse, Charles W; Ewing, W. Brown - 821 pages
  8. Utah since statehood, historical and biographical Volume 2 (1919) - Warrum, Noble; Morse, Charles W; Ewing, W. Brown - 1198 pages
  9. Utah since statehood, historical and biographical Volume 3 (1919) - Warrum, Noble; Morse, Charles W; Ewing, W. Brown - 1160 pages
  10. Utah since statehood, historical and biographical Volume 4 (1919) - Warrum, Noble; Morse, Charles W; Ewing, W. Brown - 821 pages
  11. Life of Brigham Young; or, Utah and her founders (1876) - Tullidge, Edward W. (Edward William) - 539 pages
  12. The history of the Utah volunteers in the Spanish-American War and in the Philippine Islands. A complete history of all the military organizations in which Utah men served .. (1900) - Prentiss, A - 430 pages
  13. The Utah batteries : a history : a complete account of the muster-in, sea voyage, battles, skirmishes and barrack life of the Utah batteries, together with biographies of officers and muster-out rolls (1900) - Mabey, Charles Rendell - 130 pages
  14. The Catholic church it Utah, including an exposition of Catholic faith by Bishop Scanlan (1909) - Harris, William Richard; Scanlan, Lawrence - 350 pages
  15. History of Salt Lake City (1886) - Tullidge, Edward Wheelock - 1162 pages
  16. History of Sanpete and Emery counties, Utah : with sketches of cities, towns and villages, chronology of important events, records of Indian wars, portraits of prominent persons, and biographies of representative citizens (1898) - Lever, W. H. - 681 pages
  17. Utah and the Mormons : the history, government, doctrines, customs, and prospects of the Latter-Day Saints. From personal observation during a six months' residence at Great Salt Lake City (1854) - Ferris, Benjamin G - 347 pages
  18. The Rocky Mountain saints : a full and complete history of the Mormons, from the first vision of Joseph Smith to the last courtship of Brigham Young ... and the development of the great mineral wealth of the territory of Utah (1874) - Stenhouse, Thomas B. H - 761 pages
  19. Utah, the inland empire : the story of the pioneers : resources and industries of the state : attractions of Salt Lake City : leading men of the community - Sargent, Arthur T - 110 pages
  20. History of Lehi, including a biographical section.. (1913) - Gardner, Hamilton - 462 pages
  21. Salt Lake City, past and present; a narrative of its history and romance, its people and culture, its industry, and commerce (1908) - Fohlin, Ernest Victor - 208 pages
  22. San Juan County, Utah (1910) - 30 pages
  23. Salt Lake City, Utah, city directory (1909) - 1464 pages
  24. Men of affairs in the state of Utah; a newspaper reference work (1914) - The Press Club of Salt Lake - 416 pages
  25. Church chronology : a record of important events pertaining to the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1899) - Jenson, Andrew - 259 pages
  26. Utah gazetteer 1892-93, containing a complete index to residents and business firms of Salt Lake City, resources of Utah and reliable business directory of the Territory (1892) - 1236 pages

Here are the computer requirements to run and operate this CD. You must have a PC running Windows or a Macintosh running OS X or higher software and a web browser. All the manuals in this disk are in DJVU format. This format allows you to page through the manuals, enlarge pages for better viewing and print the individual pages or entire manual as well as many other things. The viewer is very intuitive to use and has a full help system to answer any questions you may have about its more advanced features. The viewer is included on the CD.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: B367     Qty: