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The Historic Book Binding and Book Repair Reference Collection contains 38 interesting books relating to the the art and science of all aspects of bookbinding and book repair.

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The Historic Book Binding and Book Repair Reference Collection contains 38 interesting historic books relating to the the art and science of all aspects of bookbinding and book repair as it was done in the 19th and early 20th century. The many books in this collection address both hand and mechanical systems used in the art of bookbinding. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below.

  1. Notes on bookbinding for libraries (1910) - Dana, John Cotton - 174 pages
  2. Printing and bookbinding for schools (1914) - Vaughn, Samuel Jesse - 152 pages
  3. An historical sketch of bookbinding; (1893) - Prideaux, S. T. (Sarah Treverbian); Duff, E. Gordon (Edward Gordon) - 303 pages
  4. Library bookbinding (1916) - Bailey, Arthur Low - 248 pages
  5. Practical bookbinding (1903) - Adam, Paul; Maw, Thomas E. - 183 pages
  6. Bookbinding for beginners (1918) - Bean, Florence Ordway; Brodhead, John C. - 97 pages
  7. Modern bookbinding practically considered (1889) - Matthews, William - 94 pages
  8. A note on bookbinding (1904) - Cockerell, Douglas - 26 pages
  9. The art of bookbinding (1880) - Zaehnsdorf, Joseph William; Allsopp, Fred W - 190 pages
  10. Women in the bookbinding trade (1913) - Van Kleeck, Mary - 270 pages
  11. Manual of library bookbinding practical and historical (1911) - Coutts, Henry Thomas; Stephen, Geo. A. (George Arthur) - 251 pages
  12. Bookbinding, with numerous engravings and diagrams (1907) - Hasluck, Paul N. (Paul Nooncree) - 160 pages
  13. Historical essay on the art of bookbinding (1883) - Pene du Bois, Henri - 39 pages
  14. Exhibition of silver, embroidered, and curious bookbinding (1903) - Grolier Club - 86 pages
  15. Catalogue raisonne. Works on bookbinding, practical and historical (1903) - Avery Library - 108 pages
  16. Report of the Committee on leather for bookbinding (1905) - Cobham, Charles George Lyttleton, Viscount; Wood, Henry Trueman - 119 pages
  17. Bookbinding, and the care of books : a text-book for bookbinders and librarians (1911) - Cockerell, Douglas - 342 pages
  18. Commercial bookbinding; a description of the processes and the various machines used (1910) - Stephen, Geo. A. (George Arthur) - 59 pages
  19. Practical bookbinding : a text-book intended for those who take up the art of bookbinding, and designed to give sufficient help to enable handy persons to bind their books and periodicals (1908) - Pearce, W. B. (William Bonner) - 132 pages
  20. A short history of bookbinding and a glossary of styles and terms used in binding, with a brief account of the celebrated binders and patrons of bookbinding from whom the various styles are named, description of leathers, etc (1895) - Zaehnsdorf, Joseph William - 38 pages
  21. Bookbinding as a handwork subject ... how books can be bound with simple apparatus in a school classroom; (1915) - Halliday, John - 73 pages
  22. An essay on bookbinding as an art with some suggestions to collectors on the care of books (1886) - 14 pages
  23. A guide to the exhibition in the King's library illustrating the history of printing, music-printing and bookbinding (1913) - 180 pages
  24. Specimens of linotype, monotype, and hand type in use in the book composing room of the Trow Directory, Printing and Bookbinding Company (1905) - 189 pages
  25. The printers' handbook of trade recipes, hints & suggestions relating to letterpress and lithographic printing, bookbinding stationery, engraving, etc. With many useful tables and an index (1891) - Jacobi, Charles Thomas - 360 pages
  26. Bookbinding for bibliophiles; being notes on some technical features of the well bound book for the aid of connoisseurs, together with a sketch of gold tooling, ancient and modern (1905) - Battershall, Fletcher - 132 pages
  27. The book collector: a general survey of the pursuit and of those who have engaged in it at home and abroad from the earliest period to the present time. With an account of public and private libraries and anecdotes of their founders or owners and remarks on bookbinding and on special copies of books (1904) - Hazlitt, William Carew - 352 pages
  28. Leather for libraries (1905) - Hulme, Edward Wyndham - 57 pages
  29. Bookbinders and their craft (1903) - Prideaux, S. T. (Sarah Treverbian) - 299 pages
  30. The printed book (1916) - Aldis, Harry Gidney - 154 pages
  31. English embroidered bookbindings (1899) - Davenport, Cyril James Humphries - 113 pages
  32. Catalogue of ornamental leather bookbindings executed in America prior to 1850 (1907) - 106 pages
  33. Cowie's bookbinder's manual : containing a full description of leather and vellum binding, directions for gilding of paper and book-edges, and numerous valuable recipes for sprinkling, colouring, & marbling : together with a scale of bookbinders' charges, a list of all the book and vellum binders in London, &c. &c (1852) - Cowie, G. (George) - 141 pages
  34. Encyclopaedia of literary and typographical anecdote; being a chronological digest of the most interesting facts illustrative of the history of literature and printing from the earliest period to the present time (1842) - Tinperley, Charles H - 1160 pages
  35. The printer's dictionary of technical terms; a handbook of definitions and information about processes of printing; with a brief glossary of terms used in book binding (1912) - Stewart, A. A. (Alexander A.) - 367 pages
  36. Book of type specimens. Comprising a large variety of superior copper-mixed types, rules, borders, galleys, printing presses, electric-welded chases, paper and card cutters, wood goods, book binding machinery etc., together with valuable information to the craft. Specimen book no.9 (1907) - De Young, Charles - 1000 pages
  37. Book repair and restoration; a manual of practical suggestions for bibliophiles, including some translated selections from Essai sur l'art de restaurer les estampen et les livres (1918) - Buck, Mitchell Starrett; Bonnardot, Alfred - 126 pages
  38. The book: its printers, illustrators, and binders, from Gutenberg to the present time (1890) - Bouchot, Henri; Bigmore, E. C. (Edward Clements); Grevel, H; Einsle, Anton - 383 pages

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