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Midwifery Book Collection on CD

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The midwifery book collection is a group of 12 books relating to the art and medicine of midwifery as it was practiced in the 1800s and early 1900s. Many of the books are extensively illustrated and all are quite detailed with regards to what were then cutting edge techniques for the care of expectant mothers as well as the delivery of babies.

  1. Midwifery illustrated (1833) - Maygrier, J. P.; Doane, A. Sidney; Maygrier, J. P - 346 pages
  2. An introduction to the practice of midwifery (Volume 1) (1802) - Denman, Thomas - 260 pages
  3. An introduction to the practice of midwifery (Volume 2) (1802) - Denman, Thomas - 304 pages
  4. A practical compendium of midwifery : being the course of lectures on midwifery, and on the diseases of women and infants, delivered at St. Bartholomew's Hospital (1849) - Gooch, Robert; Skinner, George - 347 pages
  5. Outlines of the theory and practice of midwifery (1806) - Hamilton, Alexander - 478 pages
  6. Cases in midwifery (1851) - Cross, John - 250 pages
  7. The practice of midwifery (1910) - Galabin, Alfred Lewis - 1161 pages
  8. A Manual of midwifery (1882) - Meadows, Alfred - 509 pages
  9. A handbook of midwifery (1897) - Dakin, W. R. - 677 pages
  10. A manual of midwifery (1915) - Eden, Thomas Watts - 808 pages
  11. A system of midwifery (1841) - Rigby, Edward - 514 pages
  12. A manual of midwifery (1910) - Jellett, Henry - 1268 pages

Note: Due to the age of these books, many of the scanned pages have age spots/blemishes but they are still fully legible.

This CD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for free download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. Many books on this CD are searchable and printable.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: B453     Qty: