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Vintage Bicycle Safety
Film Collection on DVD

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This collection of bicycle safety films was made in an era where many children rode their bikes to school, playgrounds and to friends. They were designed to be shown in the classrooms to teach the children proper bicycle safety and the rules of the road so they could get to their destinations safely.

Here are the contents of each of the films in the bicycle safety history film collection:

Bicycle Today - Automobile Tomorrow (1969)

This classic Sid Davis production shows how a child should check his or her bike for mechanical soundness and how to keep it in good repair and running conditions. It also demonstrates the proper bicycle rules and regulations to follow when riding in traffic so you can arrive at your destination safely.

Production Company: Davis (Sid) Productions
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Run time: 10:00

Drive Your Bicycle (1955)

This film teaches children how to safely ride their bicycles and explains how the are learning to become good drivers by learning the rules of the road at such a young age. The film was shot in Southern California and has some great shows of typical 50s California life.

Producer: Sullivan Company
Audio/Visual: Sd, B&W
Run time: 10:47

One Got Fat: Bicycle Safety (1963)

This bicycle safety film takes a very different approach to teaching bicycle safety. It presents a group of children, all dressed up in money masks and monkey tails, getting together to ride to the park for a picnic. Along the way to the park, all but one of the children are eliminated from the adventure for violating a basic bicycle safety rule. It does give a really good overview of bicycle safety but it is presented in a bizarre and humorous manner.

Producer: Interlude Films
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 15:00

You and Your Bicycle (1948)

This bicycle safety film, shot on the streets of Oakland and Berkeley California shows numerous examples of safe and unsafe bike riding. It also simulates accidents that children can have when they do not ride their bike safely. It has excellent scenese of post WWII East Bay.

Producer: Progressive Pictures
Audio/Visual: Sound, B&W
Run time: 8:58

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A183    Qty: