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The 1930's Fords
Two Volume DVD Set

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The 1930's were an exciting time for car manufacturers. Ford introduced its V8 engine and a variety of car styles to go along with this new powerhouse. This series of films and short clips/commercials looks at the fabulous Fords of the 1930s. It includes:

  • The New Ford V8s - An introduction to the new V8s with Henry Ford as well as a tour of the production facilities
  • Rhapsody in Steel - Shows the Ford assembly lines mixed in with some animations. This piece has a musical score and no audio narration.
  • Forward with Ford - A look at the 1935 Ford V8s.
  • Honeymoon V8 - One of a Million - a travelogue of various parts of the United States traveled to with the Ford V8 automobile.
  • The Ford Year - An interview with Ford about their plans for 1935
  • 1937 Ford V8s - a look at the 1937 models of Ford. This video has a few spots of bad audio/video
  • The 1940 Ford Style Show - A bonus clip introducing the 1940 Ford models.
  • Shorts - a variety of short clips and commercials showcasing the 1930's Fords.

Quality Note: The quality of these old films varies from excellent to fair. You will notice things like faded video and mixed audio quality in some of the clips.

This two DVD set has a runtime of approximately 2 hours 39 minutes.

Here are some sample images from the DVD


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Price: $19.97     SKU: C177-8     Qty: