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1950s Chevrolet
Modern Engineering Series

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In the mid-1950's, the Jam Handy corporation made a series of films describing the innovative features of the new Chevrolets for the dealers to learn more about the cars they were selling. These films were labeled the Modern Engineering Series. Here are the contents of this DVD:

  • Volume 1 - Boxes and Balls - A discussion of the features that go into delivering a smooth ride.
  • Volume 2 - One Step Further - A look at all the extra features available in the mid-50s Chevrolet which make it the leader in its price class.
  • Volume 3 - Torque Talk - A comparison of the Chevrolet against competitive models from Plymouth and Ford in terms of how they convert the torque to usable power.
  • Volume 4 - It's Been There Before - A look at the GM Technical Center where they exercise Chevrolet trucks in a variety of conditions to be sure they stand up to the uses their customers put them to.
  • Volume 5 - Colorado Climax - Shows a Chevrolet breaking the Pike's Peak World Record.

Quality Note: The quality of these old films varies from excellent to fair. You will notice things like faded video and mixed audio quality in some of the clips.

This DVD has a runtime of approximately 47 minutes.

Here are some sample images from the DVD


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Price: $14.97     SKU: C187     Qty: