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World War I Army Medical Series on Two DVDs

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The Medical Department of the United States Army in the World War published a 15 volume guide to everything medical personnel needed to know about Army medicine in World War I. This set of two DVDs contains all the volumes that make up this set.

Titles of each volume include:

Volume 1 - Surgeon General's Office
Volume 2 - Administration American Expeditionary Forces
Volume 3 - Finance and Supply
Volume 4 - Activities Concerning Mobilization Camps and Ports of Embarkation
Volume 5 - Military Hospitals in the United States
Volume 6 - Sanitation
Volume 7 - Training
Volume 8 - Field Operations
Volume 9 - Communicable and Other Diseases
Volume 10 - Neuropsychiatry
Volume 11 Part 1 - General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery
Volume 11 Part 2 - Surgery
Volume 12 - Pathology of the Acute Respiratory Diseases, and of Gas Gangrene Following War Wounds
Volume 13 - Physical Reconstruction and Vocational Education / The Army Nurse
Volume 14 - Medical Aspects of Gas Warfare
Volume 15 Part 1 - Army Anthropology
Volume 15 Part 2 - Medical and Casualty Statistics

Here are some sample images from the DVD

Here are the computer requirements to run and operate this DVD Set. You must have a PC running Windows or a Macintosh running OS X or higher software and a web browser. You must also have a DVD drive in your computer. All volumes are in PDF format and are fully searchable.


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Price: $19.97     SKU: C323-324     Qty: