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Illinois Civil War Regimental
Histories Book Collection on DVD

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The Illinois Civil War Regimental Histories book collection is a group of 44 books that detail the histories of various Illinois based regiments during the Civil War. Many of the books are illustrated with specific events relating to their service as well as portraits of some of the members. These books are an excellent resource for the Civil War history buff as well as for those doing Civil War genealogy research.

All the titles contained on this DVD are listed below.

  1. The Thirty-third regiment Illinois infantry in the civil war, 1861-1865; (1912) - Burnham, John Howard - 8 pages
  2. The story of the Fifty-fifth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, 1861-1865 (1887) - Crooker, Lucien B; Nourse, Henry S. (Henry Stedman); Brown, John G - 519 pages
  3. History of the Thirty-Third Regiment Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, 22nd August, 1861, to 7th December, 1865 (1902) - Way, Virgil Gilman; Elliott, Isaac Hughes - 291 pages
  4. Military history and reminiscences of the Thirteenth regiment of Illinois volunteer infantry in the civil war in the United States, 1861-1865 (1892) - 396 pages
  5. The Nineteenth Illinois; a memoir of a regiment of volunteer infantry famous in the Civil War of fifty years ago for its drill, bravery, and distinguished services (1912) - Haynie, Henry i. e. James Henry - 672 pages
  6. Ninety-Second Illinois Volunteers (1875) - 390 pages
  7. History of the Thirty-Sixth Regiment Illinois Volunteers during the war of the rebellion (1876) - Bennett, L. G. (Lyman G.); Haigh, Wm. M. (William M.) - 808 pages
  8. The patriotism of Illinois : a record of the civil and military history of the state in the War for the Union, with a history of the campaigns in which Illinois soldiers have been conspicuous, sketches of distinguished officers, the roll of the illustrious dead, movements of the sanitary and Christian commissions Volume 1 (1865) - Eddy, T. M. (Thomas Mears) - 608 pages
  9. The patriotism of Illinois : a record of the civil and military history of the state in the War for the Union, with a history of the campaigns in which Illinois soldiers have been conspicuous, sketches of distinguished officers, the roll of the illustrious dead, movements of the sanitary and Christian commissions Volume 2 (1865) - Eddy, T. M. (Thomas Mears) - 704 pages
  10. History of the Fortieth Illinois Inf., (volunteers) (1864) - Hart, E. J. (Ephraim J.) - 198 pages
  11. History of the 112th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in the great War of the Rebellion, 1862-1865 (1885) - Thompson, Bradford F - 480 pages
  12. The history of the One Hundred and Fourth Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry, war of the great rebellion, 1862-1865 (1895) - Calkins, William Wirt - 539 pages
  13. The history of the Thirty-ninth regiment Illinois volunteer veteran infantry, (Yates phalanx.) in the war of the rebellion (1889) - Clark, Charles M. -
  14. A waif of the war; or, T554 pageshe history of the Seventy-fifth Illinois infantry, embracing the entire campaigns of the Army of the Cumberland (1866) - Dodge, William Sumner - 241 pages
  15. The 125th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry : attention batallion! (1882) - Rogers, Robert M - 226 pages
  16. History of the 115th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry (1900) - Royse, Isaac Henry Clay - 405 pages
  17. The history of Company A, Second Illinois Cavalry (1912) - Fletcher, Samuel H - 281 pages
  18. Bugle echoes; the story of Illinois 47th.. (1905) - Bryner, B. C. (Byron Cloyd) - 262 pages
  19. History of Battery "A," First Illinois Light Artillery Volunteers (1899) - Kimbell, Charles B. (Charles Bill) - 320 pages
  20. A history of the Ninth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry (1864) - Morrison, Marion - 95 pages
  21. History of the Eighty-fifth regiment, Illinois volunteer infantry (1901) - Aten, Henry J. - 506 pages
  22. History of the eighty-sixth regiment, Illinois volunteer infantry (1866) - Kinnear, J. R. (John R.) - 139 pages
  23. The past and present of Kane County, Illinois : containing a history of the county ... a directory ... war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion ... statistics ... history of the Northwest ... etc., etc (1878) - Peirce, H. B. (Henry B.); Merrill, Arthur; Perrin, William Henry - 821 pages
  24. The History of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., a biographical directory of its citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion ... history of the Northwest, history of Illinois ... Constitution of the United States (1878) - 845 pages
  25. History of the Eighth cavalry regiment, Illinois volunteers, during the great rebellion; (1868) - Hard, Abner - 368 pages
  26. Historical sketch of the Chicago Board of Trade Battery, Horse Artillery, Illinois volunteers (1902) - 88 pages
  27. Reception to the members of the Ninety-sixth Regiment, Illinois Infantry Volunteers (1893) - Smith, John Corson - 75 pages
  28. The history of the One hundred and fourth regiment of Illinois volunteer infantry (1895) - Calkins, William Wirt - 539 pages
  29. Illinois at Shiloh; report of the Shiloh Battlefield Commission and ceremonies at the dedication of the monuments erected to mark the positions of the Illinois commands engaged in the battle; the story of the battle (1905) - Mason, George; Waterloo, Stanley - 187 pages
  30. History of the Ninth Regiment Illinois Cavalry Volunteers. Pub. under the auspices of the Historical Committee of the Regiment .. (1888) - Davenport, Edward Adolphus - 450 pages
  31. History of the organization, marches, campings, general services and final muster out of Battery M, First regiment Illinois light artillery (1892) - 301 pages
  32. Army memoirs of Lucius W. Barber, Company "D", 15th Illinois volunteer infantry. May 24,1861, to Sept. 30, 1865 (1894) - Barber, Lucius W. - 233 pages
  33. A history of the Seventy-third Regiment of Illinois Infantry Volunteers : its services and experiences in camp, on the march, on the picket and skirmish lines, and in many battles of the war, l861-65. Embracing an account of the movement from Columbia to Nashville, and the battles of Spring hill and Franklin (1890) - 682 pages
  34. War experiences and the story of the Vicksburg campaign from "Milliken's Bend" to July 4, 1863; being an accurate and graphic account of campaign events taken from the diary of Capt. J.J. Kellogg, of Co. B 113th Illinois volunteer infantry (1913) - Kellogg, John Jackson - 64 pages
  35. The Forty-Fifth Illinois, a souvenir of the re-union held at Rockford, on the fortieth anniversary of its march in the grand review; (1905) - Fish, Daniel - 31 pages
  36. History of the 77th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Sept. 2, 1862-July 10, 1865 / c by Lieut. W. H. Bentley, with an introduction by General D. P. Grier (1883) - Bentley, W. H. (William H.) - 396 pages
  37. History of the 124th Regiment, Illinois Infantry Volunteers : otherwise known as the "Hundred and Two Dozen," from August, 1862 to August, 1865 (1880) - Howard, R. L. (Richard L.) - 519 pages
  38. Historical sketch of the Forty-Fifth Illinois Regiment : with a complete list of the officers and privates and an individual record of each man in the regiment (1869) - Adair, John M - 40 pages
  39. Our regiment. A history of the 102d Illinois infantry volunteers, with sketches of the Atlanta campaign, the Georgia raid, and the campaign of the Carolines (1865) - Fleharty, S. F. (Stephen F.) - 226 pages
  40. The history of the Fifty-Ninth Regiment Illinois Volunteers, or, A three years' campaign through Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky : with a description of the country, towns, skirmishes and battles (1865) - Lathrop, D. (David) - 243 pages
  41. History of the Seventh Regiment Illinois volunteer infantry, from its first muster into the U.S. service, April 25, 1861, to its final muster out, July 9, 1865 (1868) - Ambrose, D. Leib (Daniel Leib) - 391 pages
  42. A history of the Ninety-fifth regiment, Illinois infantry volunteers : from its organization in the fall of 1862, until its final discharge from the United States service, in 1865 (1865) - Wood, Wales W - 240 pages
  43. Roster of the survivors of the 86th Illinois volunteer infantry, with the post office addresses as far as known, together with the Proceedings of the reunion held at Peoria, Ill., August 27, 1887 (1887) - 36 pages
  44. Complete history of the 46th Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry, from the date of its organization in 1861, to its final discharge, February 1st, 1866, containing a full and authentic account of the participation of the Regiment in the battles, sieges, skirmishes and expeditions in which it has been engaged, together with a complete roster of the Regiment, showing the promotions, commissioned and non-commissioned, deaths, discharges and desertions (1866) - Woodbury, Henry H. - 76 pages

This DVD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for free download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. All books on this DVD are searchable and printable.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: C527     Qty: