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Pennsylvania Railroad
Historic Book Collection on CD

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The Pennsylvania Railroad book collection is a collection of 26 late 19th century and early 20th century books concerning the Pennsylvania Railroad. Many relate to the of the railroad or specific events in its growth. Many others are travel oriented publications produced by the railroad to attract customers. Several of the books have wonderful period illustrations and the collection makes an excellent reference collection for the historic rail enthusiast.

All the titles contained on this CD are listed below.

  1. Modern Locomotives and Cars 1939 Pennsylvania Railroad - 32 pages
  2. Modern Power for Today's Train, Pennsylvania Railroad - 24 pages
  3. General Superintendents of the Pennsylvania Railroad Division, Pennsylvania Railroad Co. (1900) - 78 pages
  4. Pennsylvania railroad to the Columbian exposition (1892) - 152 pages
  5. The passenger car ventilation system of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company (1904) - Dudley, Charles Benjamin - 40 pages
  6. Seventy years of America's greatest railroad, the Pennsylvania, 1846-1916 (1916) - Strong, Sturgis and Company - 40 pages
  7. Personally-conducted tours via Pennsylvania railroad, 1899-1900 (1900) - 24 pages
  8. New York Tunnel Extension, the Pennsylvania Railroad: Volume 1 (1910) - American Society of Civil Engineers - 572 pages
  9. New York Tunnel Extension, the Pennsylvania Railroad: Volume 2 (1910) - American Society of Civil Engineers - 700 pages
  10. Pennsylvania Railroad Co. : Freight Tariff... to Eastern Points (1894) - 134 pages
  11. History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Department of the Young Men's Christian Association of Philadelphia (1911) - Wilson, William Bender - 374 pages
  12. Holiday pleasure tours to Washington, D.C., over the Pennsylvania railroad .. (1892) - 34 pages
  13. Fiftieth Anniversary (1846-1896) of the Incorporation of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company (1896) - 86 pages
  14. New descriptive handbook of the Pennsylvania railroad, and traveler's guide to the great West! (1859) - Ayres, George B. - 162 pages
  15. The Pennsylvania railroad; with remarks on American railway construction and management (1874) - Fox, Charles Douglas; Fox, Francis - 83 pages
  16. History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company: With Plan of Organization, Portraits of Officials and Biographical Sketches (1895) - William Bender Wilson - 504 pages
  17. History of the engineering, construction, and equipment of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company's New York terminal and approaches (1912) - 142 pages
  18. Florida. Winter pleasure tours, under the personally-conducted system of the Pennsylvania railroad ... Season of 1898 (1898) - 56 pages
  19. Tour to California, by the "Golden Gate special," under the personally-conducted tourist system of the Pennsylvania railroad (1899) - 60 pages
  20. History of the city of Altoona and Blair county : including sketches of the shops of the Pennsylvania railroad co. (1880) - Ewing, James H; Slep, Harry - 289 pages
  21. Information for employes and the public; being a series of leaflets issued ... by the Pennsylvania railroad system in the interest of improved service, increased efficiency, and a better understanding by employes and the public of railroad problems (1913) - 260 pages
  22. Guide for the Pennsylvania railroad, with an extensive map : including the entire route, with all its windings, objects of interest, and information useful to the traveler (1855) - 52 pages
  23. Pennsylvania Railroad System ... a description of its main lines and branches, with notes of the historical events which have taken place in the territory contiguous .. (1916) - 92 pages
  24. Suburban homes on the lines of the Pennsylvania railroad within a radius of thirty miles around Philadelphia, with useful information for summer-home seekers (1894) - 136 pages
  25. The Pennsylvania railroad: its origin, construction, condition, and connections. Embracing historical, descriptive, and statistical notices of cities, towns, villages, stations, industries, and objects of interest on its various lines in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (1875) - Sipes, William B. - 306 pages
  26. Pennsylvania tour to Mexico, affording four weeks in the land of the Aztecs .. (1891) - 74 pages

Here is an image from one of the volumes:

This CD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for free download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. Many books on this CD are searchable and printable.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: D255     Qty: