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New Haven County, CT - Its People, History and
Culture Book Collection on CD

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The New Haven County, Connecticut Histories book collection is a group of 24 books that detail the history of New Haven County - primarily in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of the books are illustrated; showcasing specific events relating to key points in the history and development of New Haven County during this period as well as details of some of its most important and influential figures.

All the titles contained on this CD are listed below.

  1. Historical sketches of New Haven (1897) - Bartlett, Ellen Strong - 111 pages
  2. History of New Haven County, Connecticut Volume 1 (1892) - Rockey, J. L. (John L.) - 862 pages
  3. History of New Haven County, Connecticut Volume 2 (1892) - Rockey, J. L. (John L.) - 990 pages
  4. Leading business men of New Haven county (1887) - Beckford, William Hale - 280 pages
  5. Price & Lee's New Haven (New Haven County, Conn.) City Directory (1840) - 139 pages
  6. A modern history of New Haven and eastern New Haven County Volume 1 (1918) - Hill, Everett Gleason - 626 pages
  7. A modern history of New Haven and eastern New Haven County Volume 2 (1918) - Hill, Everett Gleason - 930 pages
  8. Catalogue of the members of the Church in the United Society in New Haven : formed by the union of the White-Haven and Fair-Haven Churches : from the formation of the parent church, May 7, 1742, to July 1, 1855 : together with the profession of faith, covenant and standing rules (1855) - 240 pages
  9. Historical catalogue of the members of the First Church of Christ in New Haven, Connecticut (Center Church) : A.D. 1639-1914 (1914) - Dexter, Franklin Bowditch - 490 pages
  10. North Haven annals : a history of the town from its settlement, 1680, to its first centennial, 1886 (1892) - Thorpe, Sheldon B. (Sheldon Brainerd) - 883 pages
  11. Revolutionary characters of New Haven : the subject of addresses and papers delivered before the General David Humphreys branch, no. 1, Connecticut society, Sons of the American revolution; also list of men so far as they are known from the territory embraced in the town of New Haven, Connecticut, who served in the Continental army and militia and on Continental and state vessels and privateers, and those who rendered other patriotic services during the war of the revolution, and a record of known casualties [comp. by W. S. Wells]; together with the location of known graves in and about New Haven of patriots of 1775-1783. And catalogue of the officers and members of Gen. David Humphreys branch since its organization (1911) - Sons of the American Revolution. General David Humphreys Branch - 170 pages
  12. Early New Haven (1912) - Woodward, Sarah Day - 144 pages
  13. History and antiquities of New haven, Conn., from its earliest settlement to the present time (1856) - Barber, John Warner; Punderson, Lemuel Swift - 196 pages
  14. New Haven town records, 1649- 1662 (1917) - Dexter, Franklin Bowditch - 564 pages
  15. New Haven town records, 1662- 1684 (1917) - Dexter, Franklin Bowditch - 472 pages
  16. Stories of old New Haven (1902) - Baldwin, Ernest Hickok - 242 pages
  17. History of East Haven (1908) - Hughes, Sarah E. (Sarah Eva); Dodd, Stephen - 390 pages
  18. Men of New Haven in cartoon (1906) - 122 pages
  19. Vital records of New Haven, 1649-1850 Volume 1 (1917) - Order of the Founders and Patriots of America. Connecticut Society - 622 pages
  20. Vital records of New Haven, 1649-1850 Volume 2 (1917) - Order of the Founders and Patriots of America. Connecticut Society - 712 pages
  21. Inscriptions on tombstones in New Haven, erected prior to 1800 (1882) - Dexter, Franklin Bowditch - 156 pages
  22. The republic of New Haven: a history of municipal evolution; (1886) - Levermore, Charles H. (Charles Herbert) - 369 pages
  23. Records of the colony and plantation of New-Haven, from 1638 to 1649 (1857) - Hoadly, Charles J. (Charles Jeremy) - 554 pages
  24. History of the city of New Haven to the present time (1887) - Atwater, Edward E. (Edward Elias) - 1000 pages

This CD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for free download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. Many books on this CD are searchable and printable.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: D309     Qty: