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The NASA Apollo audio highlights collection collects important moments of the Apollo 9 to 17 missions in high quality MP3 files. Listen to all the fascinating communications between ground control and the astronauts. Here is what is included in each mission audio collection.

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The NASA Apollo audio highlights collection collects important moments of the Apollo 9 to 17 missions in high quality MP3 files. Listen to all the fascinating communications between ground control and the astronauts. Here is what is included in each mission audio collection.

Apollo 9 Audio Highlights contents

1. Launch Phase from T-1:00 Through Orbit
2. First Command Module Docking With Lunar Module; Extraction of LM from Saturn SIVB
3. Three-Way Conversation Between Command Module (Gumdrop), Lunar Module (Spider) and CAPCOM
4. First TV Transmission from Spider
5. First Burn of LM Descent Engine (With Vehicles Still Docked)
6. EVA of Schweickart Outside on LM 'Porch,' Scott With CM Hatch Open
7. Undocking, Separation, Re-Rendezvous, Re-Docking Sequences Between Manned Spider & Gumdrop
8. Crew Sings Happy Birthday to Christopher C. Kraft, Manned Spaceflight Center Director of Flight Operations
9. De-Orbit Burn, Re-Entry & Recovery Sequences
10. Crew's Comments on Deck of Recovery Ship Guadalcanal

Apollo 10 Audio Highlights contents

1. Launch Phase from T-20 Seconds Through Staging
2. 'Go for TLI' (Trans-Lunar Injection) Including Burn Sequence
3. Docking With LM (Lunar Module)
4. 'Fly Me to The Moon' Tape & Earth Description by Stafford
5. Houston Tells Crew It's Halfway to The Moon
6. Crew Arrives at Moon, Two Minutes Before Going Around Backside
7. 'We Have Arrived'; Crew Appears on The Other Side
8. Crew Reports on Views of Moon
9. Pre-Undocking Sequence, Just Before Loss of Signal (LOS)
10. 'Snoopy' & 'Charlie Brown' Appear on Other Side, Undocked
11. 'Snoopy' Descends to Its Low Pass to The Lunar Surface
12. 'Snoopy' Separates from Lower Stage on Its Way to Meet 'Charlie Brown'
13. Re-Docking Sequence
14. All Crewmen in 'Charlie Brown' Separate from 'Snoopy'
15. 'Back to Earth'; Trans-Earth (TEI) Injection Burn Results
16. Command Module Separates from Service Module Prior to Re-Entry
17. Communications Established After Blackout
18. Descent & Splashdown
19. Crew's Comments Onboard Recovery Ship

Apollo 11 Audio Highlights contents

1. Launch
2. Shut down
3. Go for orbit
4. Go for TLI
5. Describes views
6. Hatch open Lem
7. Go for LOI
8. Loss of signal
9. AOS
10. Picture
11. Undock, acquisition of command module
12. Go for PDI , lunar landing
13. The eagle has landed
14. EVA
15. Picture, down latter to surface of moon
16. 'One small step. . .'
17. July 1969, 'We come in peace. . .', VIP cam

Apollo 12 Audio Highlights contents

1. Launch from T-30 Seconds Through T+4 Minutes; Lightning Hits Apollo 12
2. 'Go for TLI' (Trans-Lunar Injection)
3. Command Module Docks with LM (Lunar Module)
4. Bugle & Boatswain's Pipe Awakes Crew While Enroute to Moon 52 Hours, 56 Minutes into Flight
5. 'Go for LOI' (Lunar Orbit Insertion)
6. Acquisition of Signal Following LOI Burn Behind The Moon
7. 'Yankee Clipper' & 'Intrepid' Are Given 'Go' for Separation
8. 'Intrepid' Given 'Go' for DOI (Descent-Orbit Initiation)
9. 'Intrepid' Given 'Go' for PDI (Power Descent Initiation) Burn & Burn Begins
10. Lunar Landing Sequence from 2:45 Prior Through Touchdown; First Comments of Crew
11. 'Clipper' & 'Intrepid' Visually Site Each Other
12. Conrad Descends Ladder; Steps on Moon (First EVA)
13. Bean Descends Ladder; Steps on Moon (First EVA)
14. Conrad Re-Enters LM, Closes Hatch to End First EVA
15. Crew Converses with Houston Between EVA's
16. Conrad Ross Lunar Rock During Second EVA
17. Conrad & Bean Discuss Lunar Material Kicked Up
18. Conrad & Bean Describe 'Close-Up' Appearance of Surveyor III
19. Conrad & Bean Cut Camera & Tube off Surveyor III
20. Conrad & Bean Cut Off Surveyor III's Scoop
21. Conrad Closes Out Second EVA, Climbs into LM
22. Prior to Ascent, Crew Converses with Houston
23. Ascent Sequence from T-16 Seconds Through T+1 Minute
24. Prior to Docking with 'Clipper' Conrad & Bean Discuss Possible Lightning Marks on 'Clipper'
25. 'Clipper' & 'Intrepid' Dock
26. Signal Acquired After TEI Burn (Trans-Earth Injection)
27. While Enroute to Earth, Conrad & Bean Discuss Their Maneuverability & Ability to Work on Lunar Surface
28. Splashdown Sequence from Report of Main Parachute Deploy Through Splashdown
29. President Nixon Talks by Phone with Aboard Recovery Ship Hornet; Announces Promotions

Apollo 13 Audio Highlights contents

1. Launch from T - 1 Minute Through T + 1 Minute
2. Second Stage (SII) Early Cutoff
3. TLI Burn (Trans-Lunar Injection)
4. Command Module-Lunar Module Dock (Durning TV Transmission)
5. LM (Lunar Module) Extracted from Third Stage Rocket (SIVB)
6. Crew Gives Ground The Go-Ahead to Maneuver SIVB, Which Ultimately Was Guided to a Lunar Impact
7. Lovell & Haise Enter LM
8. Lovell Demonstrates On-Board 'Entertainment' Tape Recorder
9. 'We Have A Problem. . .'; Trouble Sequence
10. Alternate Missions Discussed, Including Use of LM As 'Lifeboat'
11. Crew Inquires About Return Time Prior to Firing LM Descent Engine for The First Time
12. LM Descent Engine Fired, Putting Crew on A 'Free-Return' Trajectory to Earth
13. LM Engine Fired Second Time to Refine The Course While Returning to Earth
14. 'One Whole Side Missing. . .'; Crew Describes Service Module After Jettisoning it Prior to Re-Entry
15. Crew Instructed to 'Power-Up' Command Module Prior to Re-Entry
16. 'Farewell Aquarius'; LM is Jettisoned Prior to Re-Entry
17. Re-Entry & Splashdown

Apollo 14 Audio Highlights contents

1. Launch from T-40 Seconds Through T + 1 Minute
2. 'Go for Orbit'
3. 'Go for TLI' (Trans-Lunar Injection)
4. TLI Burn
5. Unsuccessful Docking Attempts
6. Successful Docking
7. Go for LOI (Lunar Orbit Insertion)
8. Crew Comments Following LOI
9. SIVB Impact; Telemetry Signals Transmitted by Apollo 12 Seismometer
10. Go for DOI (Descent Orbit Insertion)
11. Results of DOI
12. Undocking
13. 'Go' for Frau Mauro
14. Lunar Landing Sequence (from Pitch-Over)
15. Shepard Sets Foot on The Moon
16. Shepard Comments on Landing Site
17. Mitchell Sets Foot on Moon
18. Crew Looks for Suitable ALSEP Deployment Site
19. Shepard: Geological Description During First EVA
20. First EVA Close-Out
21. First EVA Debriefing with Crew & CAPCOM Gordon Fullerton
22. Crew Begins Geological Traverse on Second EVA
23. Crew Climbs Up Slope of Cone Crater (Includes Decision to Turn Back)
24. Mitchell Samples Boulder Field During Second EVA
25. Shepard's Golf Game
26. Second EVA Close-out
27. Ascent from Lunar Surface
28. Successful Docking
29. 'On The Way Home'; Comments Follow TEI (Trans-Earth Injection)
30. Separation from Service Module; Entry; Splashdown; Recovery

Apollo 15 Audio Highlights contents

1. Launch from T-25 Seconds Through T+1:20
2. TLI Burn (Trans-Lunar Injection)
3. Docking Between 'Endeavor' & 'Falcon'
4. Service Propulsion System Firing (Test Which Determined That No Problem Existed) Including 'Go' for Normal Mission
5. 'Endeavor is On-Station with Cargo'; First Contact After LOI (Lunar Orbit Insertion)
6. Scott Describes Moon During First Revolution
7. 'Falcon Is on Its Perch'; First Communication Following DOI (Descent Orbit Insertion) Burn
8. Descent & Landing
9. Scott's EVA
10. First Lunar Rover Ride; Comments by Scott & Irwin
11. Irwin & Scott Describe Mountains
12. Description of Hadley Rille
13. Irwin Quotes Bible Passage
14. Ascent from Lunar Surface; (Includes Air Force Song)
15. Sub-Satellite Launch Prior to Trans-Earth Injection (TEI)
16. TEI Post-Burn Report
17. Worden Describes Humbolt Area of the Moon (Enroute to Earth)
18. Scott Describes Colors on Moon & Lava Flows (Enroute to Earth)
19. Worden's Trans-Earth EVA
20. In-Flight Press Conference
21. Splashdown
22. Scott's Comments On-Board Recovery Ship

Apollo 16 Audio Highlights contents

1. Launch Sequence from T-1 Minute
2. 'Go for TLI' (Trans-Lunar Injection); TLI Burn
3. Docking Sequence
4. Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI)
5. First Communication After 'Casper' & 'Orion' Separate; 'Hatful of Orange Juice'
6. First Communication After 'No Circularization Burn' by 'Casper'
7. 'Go' for Lunar Landing
8. 'Orion' Final Descent & Landing
9. Young & Duke's First Comments on Landing
10. Young & Duke Set Foot on Moon
11. Young & Duke Deploy Rover
12. Young & Duke Ride Rover
13. ALSEP Station Deployment
14. Geology Traverse Conversation; 'Flag Crater'
15. Young & Duke Return to 'Orion' After Third EVA
16. 'Orion' Lifts Off from Moon
17. 'Orion' & 'Casper' Dock
18. Trans-Earth Injection (TEI) Post-Burn Report
19. Re-Entry Preparations
20. Splashdown

Apollo 17 Audio Highlights contents

1. Launch Attempt Cut-Off at T-30 Seconds
2. Recycled Countdown & Launch (from T-45 Seconds)
3. Apollo 17 Launch Effect Only (No Commentary)
4. Trans-Lunar Injection (TLI) Burn
5. 'America' & 'Challenger' Dock
6. Crew Comments on View of Earth Shortly Before Lunar-Orbit Insertion (LOI)
7. First Communications After LOI
8. Schmitt Reports Flash-Possible Impact on Lunar Surface During First Lunar Revolution
9. Cernan & Schmitt Describe Taurus-Littrow Landing Site from Orbit
10. Landing Sequence Beginning with Pitch-Over
11. Cernan Sets Foot on Moon
12. Schmitt Sets Foot on Moon
13. Lunar Rover III Rolls for First Time
14. Crew Deploys Flag on Moon; Comments
15. 'I Was Strolling on The Moon. . .' Crew Sings & Begins Exploration
16. Schmitt Discovers Orange Soil
17. 'Children of The World Rock'; Cernan & Schmitt Explain That Portions of Rock Will Be Distributed to Nations Around The World, While 80 International Youths Listen from Mission Control in Houston
18. Cernan Reads Plaque Attached to 'Challenger'
19. Cernan's Final Comments from Lunar Surface
20. Lunar Liftoff of 'Challenger'
21. 'Challenger' & 'America' Rendezvous & Dock
22. Crew Comments after Trans-Earth Injection (TEI) Burn
23. Evans' Trans-Earth EVA
24. Splashdown
25. Crew Comments Aboard Recovery Ship

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