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Jesse Woodson James (September 5, 1847 - April 3, 1882) was an American outlaw, gang leader, bank robber, train robber, and murderer from the state of Missouri and the most famous member of the James-Younger Gang. While quite famous when alive, he became a legend after his death. Jesse and his brother Frank were Confederate guerrillas during the Civil War and were quite violent in their attacks on Union soldiers. After the war, they become outlaws - robbing banks, stage coaches and trains. The height of their criminal activity was from 1866 to 1876 when a robbery in Northfield, Minnesota went wrong and many of their gang were captured or killed. They continued their crime spree for many more years but were under more and more intense manhunts as time went on. On April 3, 1882, Jesse was killed by Robert Ford - a member of his own gang - who hoped to collect a reward. This collection of nine books explores the life, myth and legend of Jesse James and his gang.

  1. Life and adventures of Frank and Jesse James (1880) - Dacus, Joseph A. - 396 pages
  2. Jesse James and his band of notorious outlaws (1891) - Gordon, Welche - 204 pages
  3. The border outlaws : an authentic and thrilling history of the most noted bandits of ancient or modern times : the younger brothers, Jesse and Frank James, and their comrades in crime (1881) - Buel, James W. (James William) - 280 pages
  4. Jesse James, my father : the first and only true story of his adventures ever written (1906) - James, Jesse Jr. - 198 pages
  5. Illustrated lives and adventures of Frank and Jesse James, and the Younger Brothers : the noted Western outlaws (1882) - Dacus, J. A. (Joseph A.) - 521 pages
  6. Outlaws of the border : a complete and authentic history of the lives of Frank and Jesse James, the Younger brothers, and their robber companions, including Quantrell and his noted guerrillas (1882) - Donald, Jay - 526 pages
  7. The border bandits : an authentic and thrilling history of the noted outlaws, Jesse and Frank James, and their bands of highwaymen : compiled from reliable sources only and containing the latest facts in regard to these desperate freebooters (1881) - Buel, James W. (James William) - 184 pages
  8. Train and bank robbers of the West. A romantic but faithful story of bloodshed and plunder, perpertrated by Missouri's daring outlaws. A thrilling story of the adventures of Frank and Jesse James ... together with a record of the wild and reckless career of the Younger brothers (1889) - : Appler, Augustus C. - 664 pages
  9. James boys : deeds of daring : a complete record of their lives and deaths, narrating many of their stirring adventures, which have only recently come to light, and which have never appeared in print before. Compiled in their home state--Missouri (1911) - James, Edgar - 162 pages

Here are some sample pages from the books to give you an idea of what you will find in this collection:

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