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Electrician Training Manual Collection on CD

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Becoming a competent electrician requires dedicated study and access to a variety of reference books. This CD provides a comprehensive reference and teaching collection that should be in any electrician's library. The full contents of each of the volumes is detailed below:

  1. Prepare An Electrical Materials Takeoff List

    Electrical-Symbol Identification
    Print Verification
    Print Legends
    List of Electrical Materials
    Service-Entrance Requirements

  2. Install Service Entrance Systems

    Overhead Entrance Systems
    Underground Service

  3. Install Electrical Boxes

    Electrical Boxes
    Electrical-Box Uses and Electrical Connectors
    Electrical-Box Conductors
    Electrical-Box Covers

  4. Install System, Equipment And Component Grounds

    Install Grounding Electrodes
    Install Circuit Grounds

  5. Install Convenience Devices

    Lesson One: Switches
    Basic Switches
    Installing Basic Switches
    Types of Switches

    Lesson Two: Receptacles
    Special-Use Outlets
    Power Outlets
    Miscellaneous Receptacles

    Lesson Three: Lighting Fixtures
    Basic Incandescent Light Fixtures
    Basic Fluorescent Light Fixtures

  6. Install Circuit Protective Devices

    Identifying Circuit Protective Devices
    Installing Fuses
    Installing Circuit Breakers
    Installing Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters

  7. Install Conduit Systems

    Classifying and Sizing Conduit
    Identifying Rigid Steel Conduit
    Identifying Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)
    Identifying Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Conduit
    Identifying Flexible Metal
    Conduit Cutting and Threading Conduit
    Bending Conduit Methods of Bending Conduit
    Types of Bends
    Types of Benders
    Installing Conduit
    Installing Conductors

  8. Construction Electrician Basic Training

    Construction Support
    Drawings and Specifications
    Power Generation
    Power Distribution
    Interior Wiring
    Communications and Lighting
    Electrical Appliances
    Test Equipment

  9. Construction Electrician Intermediate Training

    Construction Support
    Drawings and Specifications
    Electrical Distribution
    Interior Wiring
    Fiber Optics and Lighting Systems
    Electrical Equipment
    Alarm Systems

  10. Facilities Engineering 1: Interior Electrical

    Switchgear Assemblies, 600V Or Less
    Electric Motors
    Motor Controls
    Power Cables
    Solid-State Electronic Equipment
    Back-up, Security, and Protection Systems
    Hazardous Substances
    Electrical Safety Test Equipment
    Test Methods
    Maintenance Schedules

  11. Facilities Engineering 2: Exterior Electrical

    Primary Considerations
    Avoiding Problems
    Inspections and Tests
    Transmission and Distribution Systems
    Overhead Distribution
    Underground and Submarik E Cables
    Outdoor Lighting
    Transformers and Regulators
    Overcurrent Protective and Switching Devices
    Overvoltage Protection
    Relays and Controls
    Instruments and Meters
    Power Capacitors
    Storage Batteries
    Tools and Equipment
    Electrical Service Interference
    Maintenance Schedules

    Bonus Electronic Circuits Class - A complete training program in electrical circuits in six volumes. The entire collection spans more than 2,500 pages and covers everything you could possibly need to know about electrical circuits and their components.

  12. DC Circuits
  13. AC Circuits
  14. Semiconductors
  15. Digital
  16. Reference
  17. Experiments

Below you will find images taken from various books in the collection to give you a small taste of what you will find in the entire collection of reference manuals:

This CD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for free download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. Many books on this CD are searchable and printable.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: F1     Qty: