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Ford Motor Company Advertising,
Auto Manufacturing and Sales Films on DVD

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This DVD contains a variety of films exploring the history of Ford Motor Company. You will see a variety of sales and promotional pieces that were very critical to the shaping of the modern car industry - including a sales training film teaching new salespeople how to convince the public that they need to trade in their car for a new one and the landmark commercial that introduced the concept of a two car family. Additionally, you will see a variety of films that demonstrate the process of designing and manufactuing a variety of Ford models through the years and many more historic moments in Ford history.

Here are all the films and newsreels that make up this historical Ford Motor Company film collection:

A Wonderful New World of Fords (1960)

A 1960 Ford commercial showcasing the new Ford compact cars showing how they are the latest and greatest models ever built.

Producer: Filmways
Audio/Visual: Sound, COlor
Run time: 3:00

Styling and the Experimental Car (1964)

This film demonstrates the design process involved in bringing a new car to the market. In this case, they are using the Ford Mustang.

Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 0:16:35

Harvest Of The Years

This film shows how Fords are mass produced on the assembly line and the research, work and materials that are used to make state of the art Fords. It covers the steps from start to finish - including the use and transportation of raw materials that are converted into the parts used to build the cars, the assembly of the cars, a tour of the factory and showroom and much more.

Production Company: Ford Motor Company
Audio/Visual: Sound, B&W
Run time: 15:00

The Human Bridge (1949)

This film demonstrates the various stages used to design and manufacture the 1949 Ford models. (Note: Film is incomplete)

Producer: Wolff (Raphael G.) Studios, Inc.
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Run time: 12:30

Highland Park Ford Plant

This film is a historical overview of the Highland Park Ford plant.

Audio/Visual: silent, color
Run time: 00:11:49

Trader Thorne (1956)

By the 50s, a large percentage of people who were going to own a car already had one. This film is a sales training film to show salespeople why it is necessary to convinve people to trade in their old car for a new one so that they have the best that the auto industry offers (and so they continue to make sales and profits.) It stars Hugh Beaumont (of "Leave it to Beaver" fame) as the greatest Ford salesman of all time. He teaches a new salesperson the tricks of the trade.

Producer: Wilding Picture Productions
Audio/Visual: Sound, B&W
Run time: 22:23

Two Ford Freedom

This Ford promotional film is targeted at married suburban women who are stuck at home all day while their husband is at work. It educates them on all the wonderful things they could do if they had their own car.

Audio/Visual: Sound, B&W
Run time: 1:39

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A137     Qty: