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Historic Money and Counterfeiting
Film Collection

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Money in all its forms is the glue that keeps the economy and society humming along. This collection of films explores money - what it is about, how it is made, how credit works and how counterfeiters have worked to cheat the system and what the government does to counter these thiefs.

Here are the contents of this collection:

Doubtful Dollars

This 50s era film explores counterfeit money - how it is used and spread through the economy by passing it at retail establishments. It then goes into how to identify and protect yourself from counterfeit money by educating you on how real money is made and what signs to look for to identify fake money. NOTE: Film has quality issues and is incomplete.

Audio/Visual: sound, color
Run time: 15:55

Understanding The Dollar (1953)

This film is an analysis of what money is. It explains how money is simply a convenient medium of exchange, discusses the various factors that can affect the value of a dollar - factors like inflation and supply/demand of products and then it gets into explaining how rising prices of goods affect people at different income levels in different ways.

Production Company: Coronet Instructional Films
Audio/Visual: sound, B&W
Run time: 10:00

Using the Bank (1947)

This is a fascinating look at banking in the pre computer age. It covers all aspects of banking like we experinece today - making deposits, withdrawals, opening an account, using a checkbook, getting the daily cash to run a store, etc. and how all the record keeping was kept. It also includes a tour of the part of the bank that we never see - the bank vaults ad private areas.

Producer: Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Audio/Visual: Sd, B&W
Run time: 10:24

What Is Money? (1947)

This film follows a five dollar bill as it makes its journey through a variety of transactions - showing how it is nothing more than a standardized way to make and receive payments for various goods and services. In other words, the money is a storehouse of value that can be conveniently and universally traded for goods and services needed by consumers and businesses.

Producer: Coronet Instructional Films
Audio/Visual: Sd, B&W
Run time: 10:18

The Wise Use of Credit

This film explores credit and how it can be "wisely" used as a means of purchasing items that we want now and pay for it in convenient monthly payments. It is presented as a young couple learning about how credit works from Mr. Money and includes a variety of animations to help make the points clearer to the viewing audience. Note: Film jumps up and down due to quality issues in original film.

Audio/Visual: sound, B&W
Run time: 00:11:24

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A209    Qty: