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Nazi War Crimes
Nuremberg Trial Newsreel Collection

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The Nuremberg trial film collection includes the one hour Russian documenary Nuremberg Trials as well as four newsreels covering various aspects of the Nuremberg trial from its opening to its final conclusion.


The Nuremberg Trials Russian documentary is a one hour production of the Nuremberg trials by director C. Svilov and gives a very graphic and complete portrayal of the trials and the evidence presented agains the accused. It includes information on many notorious Germans including Goebels, Goring and Himmler. This production is presented in English.


  • Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Open, 1945/11/29 - This newsreel documents the opening of the trials. Robert Jackson speaks and the judge asks each defendant to plead either guilty or not guilty.
  • Nazis Face War Crime Evidence, 1945/12/06 - The Nuremberg trials continue. Evidence of the torture of humans is presented and a chart showing the Hitler dynasty is shown and explained.
  • War Criminal Trials Draw Towards End, , 1946/08/26 - England's prosecutor speaks and steps are taken to conclude the trials.
  • Twenty-one Nazi Chiefs Guilty, 1946/10/08 - verdicts are handed down at the conclusion of the 10 month Nuremberg trial.

This short collection of newsreels is in black and white and presented in English. The video quality varies - sometimes quite clear and sometimes a bit washed out.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: A199    Qty: