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The Photographic History of
The Civil War on CD

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This series of 10 volumes preserves the finest Civil War photographs available in the early 1900's. It brings the trials and harships of that war clearly into focus for those of us who are insulated by our modern conveniences. There are descriptive passages about each photograph and the events surrounding it. Inside the pages of these 10 volumes are literally 1000's of fascinating photos of civil war people, events, locations, transportation, troop movements, battle and more along with biographical details of many of the participants.

Table of Contents:
v. 1. The opening battles.
v. 2. Two years of grim war.
v. 3. The decisive battles.
v. 4. The cavalry.
v. 5. Forts and artillery.
v. 6. The navies.
v. 7. Prisons and hospitals.
v. 8. Soldier life, secret service.
v. 9. Poetry and eloquence of Blue and Gray.
v. 10. Armies and leaders.

Here are examples of some of the 1000's of images in The Photographic History of the Civil War.

Here are the computer requirements to run and operate this CD. You must have a PC running Windows or a Macintosh running OS X or higher software and a web browser. All volumes are in PDF format and are fully searchable.

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Price: $14.97     SKU: B209     Qty: