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The Dryden X Plane Flight Collection on DVD

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Featuring the X-1, X2, X-3, X-5, X-15, X-24A, A-29, A31A, X-33,
A-38, A-40A, X-43A/Hyper-X, X-45A, XB-70A and XV-15 Aircraft

This 57 minute - mostly silent - DVD explores a variety of flight experiments conducted at Dryden on the various X planes that have been developed over the past several decades. The "X" designation, originally "XS" for eXperimental Supersonic, applied to a family of experimental aircraft not intended for production beyond a limited number built solely for flight research. This dvd contains fascinating flight and experiment footage of the following aircraft:

  • X-1 - Launching from B-29 and B-50 mothership, flight and landings;
  • X-2 Starbuster - Launches from B-50 mothership;
  • X-3 Stiletto - Supersonic flight research and landing;
  • X-5 - Schnes of the X-5 in flight;
  • X-15 - Air launches from B-52 mothership, landings, pilots, rocket ignition, damage sustained after a Mach 6.7 flight and more;
  • X-24A - High altitude ascents and landings at Edwards Air Force Base and Rogers Dry Lake;
  • X-24B - Air drop from B-52 mothership, flight and landing at Edwards;
  • X-29 - Attack flight maneuvers, test with spin chute deployed, takeoff and flight;
  • X-31A - Performing a Double Reverse Maneuver, Herbst Turn Maneuver, Mongoose Maneuver, Post Stall Maneuver and more;
  • X-33 - Test firing of Linear Aerospike engine, a variety of flight and docking computer animations;
  • X-38 - Drop flight tests from B-52 mothershipand a variety of computer animations;
  • X-40A - A series of free flight tests;
  • X-43A/Hyper-X - A series of flight and B-52 mothership drop tests leading up a Mach 10 flight;
  • X-45A - Take off, flight and landings at Edwards Air Force Base;
  • XB-70A Valkyrie - Startup, taxi and takeoff, flight and a landing at Edwards;
  • XV-15 Tilt Rotor Aircraft - Flight, takeoff and maneuvering

Here are some sample clips from the DVD


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Price: $14.97     SKU: A487     Qty: