In our ongoing efforts to build a robust railroad collection, we have added several additional fascinating products.

The products consist of several book collections for many of the more famous railroads of the early 20th century – including the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad, the Union Pacific Railroad, the Illinois Central Railroad and the Pennsylvania Railroad.

In addition to these collections, we discovered and added two rail magazine collections – The Book of the Royal Blue – the magazine offered to passengers on the B&O Royal Blue Line and the Illinois Central Employee Magazine – a fascinating house publication for employees that worked that great rail system.

The products added are listed below:

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2 Responses to “B&O Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad and More New Railroad Additions”

  • Bob Johnson:

    My uncle is very interested in trains. He quit his job at General Motors to become a conductor for the Union Pacific RR in Wisconsin. I got him these CDs for Christmas and he loved them! I highly recommend these to any railroad enthusiast, collector, or worker. The historical information in them was top notch!

  • wendy rogers:

    My grandfather worked on the railroad, and this CD was so very helpful to learn about the railroad. It gave me accurate information. I really enjoyed this CD. This CD gave so much insight into the early railroads of the Union Pacific Railroad. I highly recommend this to anyone studying the history behind some of the railroads.

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