The American Civil War was fought by hundreds of regiments gathered from the various states into state regiments. In addition to regular state regiments, there were federal regiments and colored regiments.

As historians and genealogists, having a list of all the Civil War regiments in one place makes research much easier.

Do you want to know how many regiments are in a particular state and what they are?

Do you want more information about a particular regiment?

Fortunately, in the internet age, it is really easy to do. You might at first consider a search in your favorite search engine but that can give a wide array of related but not specific results.

In fact, the best online resource for such information is wikipedia. It has an entire section devoted to the list of American Civil War regiments broken down by state. And all the regiments are also linked to specific pages that give pertinent details about each regiment. It is a fantastic research tool for the war.

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  • Stephanie:

    This is incredibly interesting to me and something I have spent a great deal of time researching and creating my own personal archives on. The regiment listing is one of the hardest things to track down and list as alot documentation was kept or preserved. I have been trying to work through my genealogy and the regiment list is something I would love to add to that part of listing.

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