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Drop Ship Program

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The Historical Archive has a rather unique drop ship program with many advantages over the traditional drop ship program that you will typically find.

  • There are no costs to join.
  • Your customers are your own. We do not market to them in any way/
  • We have no minimum purchase for our drop ship customers.
  • We offer a full 50% off retail prices with no drop ship charges.
  • We ship fast, often the next business day.
  • You get an email every time we mail a package to your customer.
  • You and your customers are protected by our 30 day no questions asked return policy. If a customer returns a product to us within 30 days of shipping, we will refund you the drop ship cost of that product. (And of course if a product arrives damaged, it will be replaced at no charge.) Please note that shipping fees are not refunded.
  • We ship to the entire world.
  • We do not charge a handling fee on orders - just our standard shipping charges.

    Additional important details
  • The drop ship program is not for personal orders or for wholesale orders.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms of the drop ship program or even cancel it or any drop ship member account without prior notice.

Here is how it all works:

First, you must set up an account and be approved to use the drop ship program. Our qualifications are simple. You must be a registered business and if a U.S. business, you must provide us with a reseller sales tax certificate. We will review your information and upon approval, activate your drop ship account.

Once you are approved, you can advertise any of our products in any way you want - in your website, in a catalog, via email, etc. You may use any images or descriptions from this website to advertise your products.

Your account will allow you to log into the order system as a drop shipper which will allow you to order at 50% off the stated retail prices.

Once you are logged in, you place the items your customer purchased into the shopping cart and check out. You do this once for each customer order. When filling out the order details to process the order, your details will be automatically filled out as the bill to entity and you will enter your customer's shipping details as the ship to entity. Then complete the rest of the checkout process as normal. This will allow us to quickly process the order and ship it to the correct customer.

Some important details about the drop ship program:

  • The product description pages on our website will show the retail price of the products. When you put a product in the shopping cart (assuming that you are already loffed into your account), it will show the drop ship price - which is 50% off the retail price.

  • You place the your drop ship orders just like a regular customer. Log into your account and then find the products in the store and add them to the shopping cart. When you have completed the order for a particular customer, just check out and when it comes time to enter a shipping address, put in your customer's shipping address and make payment. This will complete the order and notifiy us that we need to ship it. When we ship the order, we will update its status in your account area and the system will send you an email notifying you that the order has been shipped.

  • Our MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policies: You set your own pricing for the products on your website and all platforms with the exception of Amazon. Many of our drop ship customers charge more than our suggested retail price with great success on their websites. Due to the catalog driven nature of Amazon's shopping cart, we require that you price items in that marketplace at full retail (i.e. price match the price of THA Market) on that platform. Failure to follow this rule will result in our cancellation of your drop ship account.

  • Payment for your drop ship orders expected when you place the order. Just fill in the order details and charge it to your credit card or paypal. If you demonstrate yourself to be a high volume drop ship merchant, we will work out a credit arrangement - but this is only after you are a proven drop ship seller.

  • Shipping charges will be placed on the order based on the ship to location. All orders of over $75 based on drop ship prices will be shipped free.

  • The drop ship program is not designed for personal or wholesale orders. We reserve the right to cancel all orders placed to the registered drop ship address.

  • We do not recommend using the drop ship process for selling on When you sell on Amazon, you agree to ship within two business days so if you get your order in to us in a less than timely manner, you may miss this two day window.

  • We strongly do not recommend selling our Old Time Radio products on Amazon or eBay. There are many sellers offering similar products in these marketplaces - often at very low prices. If you offer our OTR products, it is best if you confine their sale to your own website.

  • We do not custom label orders or add custom inserts into the orders. They are shipped in standard THA New Media LLC marked envelopes. Be sure to notify your customers to expect delivery from us so they are not confused about their delivery.

  • Your customers are your own. We do not contact them or promote our products to them in any way. Our only contact with your customers is the delivery of their order.

Once we receive the order(s), we will process it and it will usually be shipped within one business day and always within two business days of receipt of order.

If you have any questions on the drop ship program, just drop us an email.

If you wish to participate in the program, take a few moments and fill out our drop ship sign up form so we can get your account set up.

We reserve the right to change the terms of the program or cancel it at any time.