Drop Ship Program

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The Historical Archive has a rather unique drop ship program with many advantages over the traditional drop ship program that you will typically find.

Here is how it all works:

First, you must set up an account and be approved to use the drop ship program. Our qualifications are simple. You must be a registered business and if a U.S. business, you must provide us with a reseller sales tax certificate. We will review your information and upon approval, activate your drop ship account.

Once you are approved, you can advertise any of our products in any way you want - in your website, in a catalog, via email, etc. You may use any images or descriptions from this website to advertise your products.

Your account will allow you to log into the order system as a drop shipper which will allow you to order at 50% off the stated retail prices.

Once you are logged in, you place the items your customer purchased into the shopping cart and check out. You do this once for each customer order. When filling out the order details to process the order, your details will be automatically filled out as the bill to entity and you will enter your customer's shipping details as the ship to entity. Then complete the rest of the checkout process as normal. This will allow us to quickly process the order and ship it to the correct customer.

Some important details about the drop ship program:

Once we receive the order(s), we will process it and it will usually be shipped within one business day and always within two business days of receipt of order.

If you have any questions on the drop ship program, just drop us an email.

If you wish to participate in the program, take a few moments and fill out our drop ship sign up form so we can get your account set up.

We reserve the right to change the terms of the program or cancel it at any time.