Old movies and old tv commercials often have one thing in common. When we look at them from our jaded Hollywood slicked eye, they often look funny, primitive and old. And we wonder how people could have sat through an old black and white movie with no special effects or old tv commercials with no animations and a corny story line.

One thing for certain though, many old tv commercials are funny because they are dated and so simplistic. It is fun to watch old tv commercials – the classics – for our favorite products and compare them to modern tv commercials for the same products.

In fact, it can be downright fun to watch television commercials like this collection of classic tv commercials. It makes for a nice night of remembrance and quite a few laughs to pop the popcorn, pop in the classic tv commercials DVD and just relax and unwind with some of your favorite oldies. And it is great for the kids too – as they will get a kick out of all these funny tv commercials – and who knows – they may even get excited by something from your childhood memory instead of the latest slick video games for just a few moments.

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