After WWII, the Auschwitz death camp was turned into a museum to remember the horror that occurred there. Now 51 years later, there are plans to renovate the holocaust museum to ensure that it is preserved so future generations can still experience first hand the conditions and tortures of these concentration camps.

Plans include reinforcing the ground under two of the gas chambers with underground walls so they can stop sinking into the ground. Underground walls will be used to ensure that nothing is altered on these two death camp gas chambers. No changes would be made to the other parts of the holocaust camp – including the watch towers, crematoria and barracks – as they are still in good condition and not in danger of ground sinking like the two gas chambers.

Also slated is a revamping of the museum to make it more modern. While it will still hold its traditional Shoah (holocaust) exhibits – including hair, glasses and other personal belongings taken from the victims – it will expand to offer multimedia presentations to help explain the story of what happened there so many years ago.

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